2016 Salary Survey
Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s survey. Based on feedback from the 2014 survey, we tried to dive a little deeper, get some more nuanced responses and identify compensation of particular positions. We also had many staff chaplains and clinical members participate, thus adding to the more comprehensive picture. The results yield a confidence rating of over 90% +/-5. 

We had hope to offer some glimpse into the relationship between salaries and departmental and/or institutional budget size. Unfortunately, the data was all over the map and did not yield meaningful results.
A second difference is that we offered a range of salaries rather than specific numbers. Thus, the results show that the average salary for a supervisor in 2014 ($89,909) is still within the range of the national average of supervisor salaries ($80,001-$90,000). We had hoped to see some increase, but this also depends of the respondents. We will see if differences emerge in 2018.

We hope you find this report helpful. Please feel free to contact Trace Haythorn or John Roch in the national office if you have questions or need clarification.

According to our national survey, the median salary is $80,001-$90,000.

We collected significantly more data and sorted it into the following categories. Click on each link below to see more detail. 


 Center Demographics

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 Respondent Demographics