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Terminology, Vocabulary, and Key Concepts Surrounding Gender and Gender Identity    
Presenter(s): Rebecca Stapel-Wax and Robbie Medwed
Presented on: February 18, 2016

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Webinar Description:

SOJOURN's three-part series on transgender inclusion will discuss the terminology and concepts surrounding gender and gender identity. These interactive sessions will provide participants with accurate definitions of terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity, how gender identity and sexual orientation and gender identity differ, and will increase participants' comfort level when using terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Discussion areas will include combatting stereotypes, discrimination, micro-aggression, and how to translate this knowledge into action in healthcare and the workplace. Participants will learn how every day actions can create (or destroy) a sense of safety and comfort for our friends, family, and communities.

The Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity (SOJOURN) promotes increased understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals across the entire spectrum of gender and sexual orientation in the Southeast through education, outreach, and advocacy, inspired by Jewish and universal ethics and ideals.


Rebecca Stapel-Wax is the Executive Director of SOJOURN. She holds a master’s degree in counseling from Georgia State and a B.A. from Clark University. Rebecca has dedicated her career to helping others navigate the pressures to conform one’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Along with many volunteers, Rebecca has trained thousands of youth, educators, parents, clergy, and advocates to build inclusive communities including family life, the work place, and congregational life.

Robbie Medwed is the Education Director of SOJOURN where he oversees their award-winning safe space, LGBT inclusion, and suicide prevention workshops and training seminars. Robbie holds a master’s degree in Jewish education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has written curricula and nationally-recognized inclusive programs for the Marcus JCC of Atlanta, BBYO, USY, NFTY, Camp Ramah, the Jewish Teen Funders Network. 

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