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The Mystery of the Individual Supervisory Conference 
Presenter(s): Dennis Kenny
Presented on: December 9, 2015

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Webinar Description:
Our standards ask us to evaluate the individual supervision abilities of our supervisory students, to look at the ability to build learning alliances, help set goals, and evaluate students practice.

We are asked to have a group theory and talk about how we lead groups.  I have never heard a student asked what they do in supervisory conference, why they do it and what the end goal of it is. 

As in much of CPE we do what was once done unto us.  Better supervision I belief would be to connect our theories directly to the supervisory conference; deciding whether we will talk about verbatim, goals, peer and supervisory relationships or none of the above. 

Deciding that allows us to evaluate our supervisory students abilities more precisely, give more directed feedback and create training opportunities that improve this mysterious hour that students value so highly.

The Webinar will focus on the purpose of the conference, the impact of different educational theories on what is discussed in it and attempt to elevate the training for this valued time.  


Dennis Kenny has been an ACPE Supervisor since 1976. He is still supervising at Vanguard DMC Clinical Pastoral Education Center in Chelsea, MI. He is also the Regional Director of the ACPE East Central Region. You may contact Dennis at

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