Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP)

What is SIP?

The SIP Program is in alignment with ACPE’s commitment to multicultural competence, particularly spiritual and religious competence. It will help therapists increase their knowledge and skills for working with their clients’ spirituality, as well as helping therapists learn ethically appropriate ways of drawing upon their own spirituality in the therapeutic relationship. The SIP Program recognizes that high-quality therapists become high-quality therapists over time, in formative relationships, and it will also give emphasis to personal integration, development of professional identity, and growth in a distinctive way of being. 

The SIP Program is envisioned as a multi-disciplinary, inter-spiritual, multi-racial community of persons gathered for education, connection, and formation in the work of spiritually integrated psychotherapy. The Program will consist of:
  • A 30-hour continuing education curriculum, offered face-to-face by SIP Trainers in the communities where they live and work
  • A post-curriculum certification process (involving consultation with a local SIP Trainer, long-term engagement with a Community of Practice, and Peer Review)
  • A Train the Trainer program to develop and support SIP Trainers


  1. Teach spiritually integrated psychotherapy to mental health providers across a variety of disciplines and licenses.
  2. Build a national infrastructure for training. The SIP Program will train and support SIP Trainers, who will offer continuing education workshops and support Communities of Practice in the communities where they live. 
  3. Increase ACPE visibility and membership.  The introduction to ACPE will happen through local continuing education events, and these introductions will be relational doorways for deeper engagement (with colleagues and mentors) and for membership.
  4. Develop thriving psychotherapy-related Communities of Practice within ACPE.  The SIP Trainings offered, community by community, will be seedbeds for establishing new Communities of Practice that will support connection, learning, and ongoing formation

The SIP Curriculum

The foundation of ACPE’s SIP Program is a 30-hour continuing education curriculum. The curriculum has two main emphases: 
  1. How therapists can elicit and make use of their clients’ spiritual perspectives; and  
  2. How therapists can make ethically appropriate use of their own spiritual perspectives.
It consists of 10, 3-hour workshops (30 hours of NBCC-approved continuing education credit):

Many of the 10 workshops can be taken independently for continuing education credit. However, the curriculum is most effective when taken in its entirety and in sequence.

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