Important Updates to our Psychotherapy Membership Model

As you may have noticed from recent newsletters and during the 2019 Annual Conference, a distinctive space for psychotherapy-related interests and continuing education is emerging within ACPE.  We look forward to further cultivating this space and to welcoming new members who will share in these opportunities and conversations.

When the consolidation officially took effect on April 1st of this year, ACPE staff began facilitating the movement of members from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) into transitional ACPE member categories.  We tried to correlate these new categories with membership classifications from the former AAPC.  We are happy to report that over 850 members have joined us as ACPE Psychotherapists, Practitioners, Retired Professionals, and Student Members.  

In light of information from AAPC’s membership data, the Interim Psychotherapy Commission developed a proposal for revised membership categories and requirements during their meeting in Scottsdale.

This proposal was a top priority because the transitional categories did not adequately support the new ACPE psychotherapy community.  Following the ordinary governance procedure of ACPE, the Board voted to approve the proposal on May 31, 2019.  The new membership categories are reflected in the chart below and go into effect today, Monday, June 10, 2019.

Revised Psychotherapy Membership Model

Individuals must join at the highest level of membership for which they are qualified. Membership is maintained by meeting association standards, ethics, payment of annual membership fees, and the completion of the Accountability for Ethical Conduct Policy Form.

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Annual Fee

Psychotherapist Member

Fully licensed in one’s state to practice as a mental health professional


Previously certified as a Diplomate or Fellow in AAPC



Currently in the licensure process in one's state to practice as a mental health professional


Interested in ACPE Psychotherapy activities and initiatives


Previously affiliated with AAPC as other than Diplomate or Fellow


Retired Professional Member

Previously an ACPE Psychotherapist or Practitioner member and now fully retired


Previously a member in good standing with AAPC and now fully retired


Student Member

Currently enrolled in an advanced theology or

mental health-related degree program


To bring all records up to date, we ask that you notify us if any of the following applies to you: 



You joined ACPE as a Practitioner Member and are fully licensed by your state to practice as a mental health professional:

Please email ACPE’s Membership Engagement Coordinator, Ruth McPhail Ubaldo, with a copy of your license in order to move into the Psychotherapist membership category

You joined ACPE as a Student Member but have finished your degree:

Please email ACPE’s Membership Engagement Coordinator, Ruth McPhail Ubaldo, with a copy of your license in order to move into the Psychotherapist membership category OR with a written notice that you are no longer a student in order to move into the Practitioner membership category

Please Note: If you joined as a Psychotherapist Member and are a former Fellow or Diplomate, we are working on adding a table to the public “Find a Psychotherapist” directory so that you can feature this information on your profile.  We will send an announcement with instructions when this is possible.   

We want to acknowledge that these changes might raise questions or concerns for you.  We welcome your comments, and we wish to remind us all of the guiding principles that the leadership of AAPC and ACPE selected last fall to guide the consolidation: gratitude and hospitality, transparency, mutual benefit, professional differentiation, and cooperation.  As we look back at this early stage of the consolidation, we are encouraged to see how these guiding principles informed the decisions and initiatives of the past two months.  

As we look to the future, we trust that this revised membership model will help us preserve our values as we welcome new members and continue to move forward in our shared work.  

Rev. Amy Greene, D.Min.         Joann Heaney-Hunter, M.S., Ph.D., LMHC, NCC
ACPE Board Chair                    Interim Psychotherapy Commission Chair
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