The Foundation for ACPE: The Long View and the Short
By J. Patrick McCoyACPE Foundation Chair |  March 23, 2020

Writing about a vision for the Foundation for ACPE in days like ours is a bit like planning to ride dressage on a bucking bronco. There is a particular course we want to take towards goals that are in principal achievable, but our ride has a mind of its own, and it is not amenable to precision guidance. 

Our ride, in our case, is not equestrian but financial, and though we have been through some profound ups and downs in the value of ACPE’s endowment this past year, the turbulence and losses induced most recently by the COVID-19 pandemic are truly disorienting. However, even though the novel circumstances (to understate the matter a wee bit) bring both uncertainty and constraint to our near-term planning, the long term fundamentals of who we are, what we do, and where we are going remain constant. 

ACPE is dedicated to improving people’s lives through education for high quality spiritual care, and the Foundation for ACPE is dedicated to providing means for that mission. We do this by directing funds toward innovative projects that reach underserved groups (Innovative Program Awards), developing future leaders in spiritual care (Boisen Scholars Program), supporting interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration (MAP Fund Awards), creating research-based knowledge for spiritual care and education (grant-supported research collaborations), and providing continuing education for Certified Educators (the Glaz-Plummer Lectures). 

The Foundation also has a significant role that we may only notice in times like these. Management of ACPE’s assets is designed to provide a regular and reliable income stream to support the work of our association, along with reserves to smooth the bumps of unexpected events. Despite the market volatility, ACPE can continue to carry out its mission today and plan for future initiatives that will carry forward the preparation of new generations of competent and compassionate spiritual care professionals.

Confidence in the sustainability and advancement of ACPE’s mission is what our Foundation is all about. We can be grateful for the foresight of our previous generations of leadership who saw the need and created the base that provides steadiness in the present. We can also be thankful for those from outside our professional ranks who have brought their own gifts and talents to build and guide the Foundation. Collectively, we can be grateful for the continued support of our members. Your generosity—as an expression of your belief in the healing strength of spiritual care and commitment to preparing care givers for the future —that is the Foundation for ACPE.
In Service,
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