CPE & Emotional Intelligence: Is There an Association?

The ACPE Research Community of Practice (CoP) and Transforming Chaplaincy are launching a study of CPE and emotional intelligence (EI). The study aims to (a) examine EI and changes in EI associated with participation in CPE and (b) foster CPE-related research among CPE educators. To learn more, please watch the webinar recording on the ACPE YouTube Channel. We’re making this information available to those who are interested since not everyone was able to register or join us. 

The next steps after watching the webinar include: 
  1. Register your CPE center’s interest in being part of the CPE & EI study by April 1st on Survey Monkey. Thank you to those who already signed up!
  2. We’ll schedule a Zoom call with interested centers to discuss practical matters of our study. So you’ll have time to process the information and ask questions before confirming your enrollment. 
  3. Confirm your CPE center’s enrollment by April 30th.
  4. We’ll begin recruiting the first cohort of CPE students in May.
For further information about the project, contact Csaba Szilagyi or Paul Galchutt
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