ACPE Begins Quarterly Billing for Student Unit Fees in 2020
By Linda Wilkerson, Treasurer  |  July 29, 2019

Many of you are deep into teaching a summer unit of CPE and are thinking about how to assist your students to bring this rich learning experience to a close. Budgeting and payments to ACPE for the opportunity to conduct those units may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, I have good news that was first shared at this past May’s annual ACPE Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Coming under the heading of “we heard you,” in calendar year 2020 we will begin billing centers quarterly for the number of units actually conducted.

Memberships fees and dues will continue to be billed in November including the $2000 center membership fee and any additional fees your center owes for satellites, system centers, or candidates. However, the accreditation fees based on individual units of CPE will be invoiced on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October for the units completed in the prior quarter (Oct-Dec, Jan-March, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept).

A few years ago, ACPE began invoicing on the projected number of CPE units based on the previous year’s number of conducted units. Centers were billed annually for those units, and then the actual number of units were reconciled to the projected number of units at the end of each year, resulting in either an additional bill or a refund. Unfortunately this method of billing created more confusion than benefits which is why we are introducing the new billing process in 2020. However, we will need to do the reconciliation process one more time for the units conducted in 2019.

Next, we are still in the process of consolidating from nine regional fees to one single accreditation fee, recognizing that the product we offer the public is designed to meet the same standards no matter the location. This process is taking longer than anticipated because we want to be sensitive to centers who will incur small increases until we arrive at a single fee. We have already reduced the number of different fees from nine to five. As we move forward, most centers can expect incremental increases to unit fees in 2020. If you need more specific information for budgeting purposes for your center’s fees, please contact Jennifer Rochner at in the ACPE office.

Finally, please consistently and carefully read This Week@ACPE every Monday for important billing reminders. If you are not receiving the weekly e-newsletter, please email

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