Strategic Partners for Spiritual Care: Progress Report #1
By Amy Greene, Board Chair | April 25, 2019

As you know, ACPE leaders have been meeting regularly with our Strategic Partners to explore ways we can more closely and intentionally work together. These conversations continue to evolve, and I have to say it is such a privilege to be a part of such a collegial and constructive conversation. While the specifics need to be worked out by all of us together, including the membership, we offer the following progress report as an update and a reminder of our ongoing commitment to collaborative work.
Please see the link in the document for questions if you have them. Our hope is to provide some space and time at the 2020 joint conference for dialogue and cross-organizational engagement among members and leaders from the different groups.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve at a time such as this! And thank you for your dedication to ACPE.
Amy Greene, Chair
ACPE Board of Directors

Strategic Partners for Spiritual Care Progress Report #1

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