ACPE Launches New SharePoint Member Site
ACPE News  |  March 5, 2019

ACPE launched Microsoft 365/SharePoint, one of the top business collaboration resources today, to create and maintain educator and center portfolios and to share on message boards, files, instant messaging, and video conferencing!
For your convenience, members only have one username and password to access the ACPE website and its Microsoft 365/SharePoint site. Links to the Microsoft 365/SharePoint site are located on ACPE's website on the homepage and under "My ACPE" menu option.
Many ACPE Accredited Centers already use Microsoft 365/SharePoint. Members will need to sign-out of their center's Microsoft 365/SharePoint to access ACPE's Microsoft 365/SharePoint. Members must use their "" email address to sign-in.

Another option is to use different internet browsers for your different Microsoft 365/SharePoint sites. The ACPE website is best viewed with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

to SharePoint

Key Features

ACPE Certified Educator Portfolios: ACPE Educator Candidates and Certified Educators have access to secure cloud storage to create and maintain portfolios for certification theory integration presentations, peer review materials, videos, and continuing education verification. In SharePoint, you can share your work with peers, mentors, and required committees.
  ACPE Accredited Center Portfolios: ACPE Accredited Centers have access to secure cloud storage to create and manage their accreditation portfolios. In SharePoint, a center has the ability to grant access to their entire staff.
  Email: ACPE members receive an “” email address which demonstrates to the world that you are a member of ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education. With an “” email address comes a variety of benefits, including discounted (and sometimes free) software, discounted subscriptions, and much more. In most cases, redeeming those benefits is incredibly easy. Read more at
  Yammer: ACPE's own social networking service for association-wide collaboration with Facebook-style communication including the ability to post links, videos, emojis, and GIFs. Communities of Practice can have open or private groups within Yammer for conversation, sharing, polling, and file storage.
  Microsoft 365: SharePoint’s Office 365 provides a powerful email package, enabling you to access mail, calendars, contacts, and to-do lists from the Outlook Desktop app, on the web, or on your mobile devices. All members will also have access to web versions of Word, Excel, and other programs regardless if they own Microsoft Office.

Key Processes Now in SharePoint
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