Interim Psychotherapy Commission: Membership Changes and Continuing Education Policy
By Joann Heaney-Hunter, M.S., Ph.D., LMHC, NCC, Chair  |  June 10, 2019

Before turning to my update on the Interim Psychotherapy Commission’s work on continuing education, I want to first make sure that all former members who joined ACPE from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) received this letter outlining changes that have been made to the psychotherapy membership model.  For those who have not heard, over 850 members from AAPC have joined as ACPE Psychotherapists, Practitioners, Retired Professionals, and Student members during the initial two months of the consolidation!  This highly positive response to the consolidation necessitated the creation of a more sustainable, long-term membership model that could replace the initial, transitional membership categories.  We are excited about the new model going into effect today and are eager to see the ways it helps us welcome new members into the ACPE psychotherapy community. 

Individuals interested in joining ACPE as new Psychotherapist, Practitioner, Retired Professional,

or Student Members are now invited to apply!

Continuing Education Update

As psychotherapists and educators ourselves, the members of the Interim Psychotherapy Commission know that continuing education plays a vital role in our members’ professions.  Recognizing its importance, we are delighted to announce the formation of a new Continuing Education Taskforce. The Interim Psychotherapy Commission formed this workgroup during our meeting in Scottsdale to facilitate continuing education opportunities that meet both your learning and licensure needs. The taskforce will begin meeting this summer to identify continuing education program opportunities for the remainder of 2019.   

Under the direction of this taskforce, we hope to offer more continuing education programs for psychotherapist and educator members like the Friday workshops at the Annual Conference or the webinar series on situational grief and domestic violence that concluded last week. The Continuing Education Taskforce’s convener will be Dawn Stary, and Beth Toler will serve as the liaison between the taskforce and the Interim Psychotherapy Commission. Taskforce members will include Tres Adames, Stephen Dutton, William Eads, JoEllen Holmes, Caroline Peacock, Blaine Rader, and Patricia Wilson-Cone.

Finally, to facilitate the provision of continuing education credit when appropriate, the Interim Psychotherapy Commission also established an ACPE Continuing Education Policy.  Please visit the new continuing education page under the “Psychotherapy” tab on ACPE’s website, or follow this link to learn more.   

I am happy to have so much progress to report to you.  I look forward to a successful 2019- 2020 year, and hope you have some time this summer to rest and recharge.  Enjoy your week! 
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