New Community of Practice on International CPE Forming: Join Us! 
By Alan Abrams, ACPE Certified Educator |  November 11, 2019

As Executive Director Trace Haythorn said in his recent article recounting his trip to Australia where he met with our colleague Michael Hertz in Perth, interest in CPE is growing internationally, and our association is reaching out to form more relationships and agreements with CPE programs in other countries. Our International Relations Committee is doing exciting work, and we are forming a new Community of Practice to help certified educators develop the skills and community needed to meet the challenges that are arising as a result of that work.

The challenges of adapting our models to other cultures, which parallel the challenges we also face with working cross culturally in an increasingly diverse North America, demand not only cross-cultural skills, but also access to a community of colleagues with whom to process challenges and share information and experiences; this community can then share research and best practices with the rest of the ACPE. This is exactly what CoP’s are all about!

Recently four ACPE Educators met via ZOOM to discuss forming a new CoP — Michael Hertz in Perth, Australia; Lee Ann Rathbun in Austin, Texas; Satoe Soga in Dallas, Texas; and Alan Abrams in Jerusalem, Israel. We began a preliminary discussion about forming goals and a mission statement so we can submit a formal application to the Professional Well-Being Committee. We also shared exciting news about the plans for Ted Hodge, chair-elect of the International Relations Committee, to soon lead a unit as a part of Michael’s team and about Satoe’s plans to visit CPE programs in Taiwan that have asked for her help.

Another planning meeting is scheduled for November 20, 2019 at 7:00am (Central); please be in touch with Lee Ann Rathbun if you are interested in joining that meeting or in the new CoP.

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