Congratulations to the 2018 Giving Competition Winners!
By  J. Patrick McCoy, Foundation Chair & Rhonda Daniels, 2019 Annual Campaign Chair |  June 24, 2019

In 2018, the Foundation for ACPE Champions hosted the fourth annual Giving Competition - this year, among the ACPE Communities of Practice (CoP). We are pleased to announce that we have four winners - the CoPs with the highest percentages of individuals who gave to ACPE in 2018. The winning CoPs will receive additional funding support towards their 2019 CoP budgets.

To ensure fairness, the winners of the Giving Competition were categorized by the size of the CoP, which was determined by the number of registered CoP members in the ACPE database as of December 31, 2018. The additional funding each CoP will receive are a portion of funds raised in the 2018 Annual Campaign. Funds will be distributed in proportion to the size of the CoP winners.

Congratulations to the following winners: East Central, New England Clinical Educators, Central States Consortia, and Cascadia!

CoP Giving Competition Winners by Tier

Tier 1 (40+ registered members):                   East Central CoP with 37% Giving Participation!

Tier 2 (21-40 registered members):               New England Clinical Educators with 42% Giving Participation!

Tier 3 (11-20 registered members):               Central States Consortia with 62% Giving Participation!

Tier 4 (under 10 registered members):     Cascadia CoP with 67% Giving Participation!

The Foundation Champions are hosting another Giving Competition among the CoPs this year. Please encourage your members to join the fun and make a gift!

If you have any questions about the CoP Giving Competition or making a gift to the Foundation for ACPE, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us, or ACPE Development Specialist Jasmine Okafor. Thank you for your continued support of CPE, spiritual care, and our association!
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