Foundation News: Looking Back to Think Ahead
By J. Patrick McCoyACPE Foundation President  |  March 25, 2019

As I have begun to take up my new role as President of the Foundation for ACPE, I have been taking some time to review the accomplishments of our foundation (yours and mine) over the past five years. Among my friends I’m not known for outbursts of enthusiasm, but I have to say that I am excited by what I see when I look at what we (you and I) have been able to do in the recent past with the leadership of the foundation board, our Annual Campaign chairs and champions, and our staff.

During these brief five years, while ACPE has entered into a period of significant developmental change in how we work and how we organize for our work, the foundation has been quietly engaged in its mission of developing resources to support us. During that time, the endowment fund managed by the foundation has contributed $940,000 to support the programs and services ACPE provides to its members. Easily overlooked, this dimension of our foundation’s mission represents a reliable and on-going harvest from the stewardship of gifts and earnings over the years on which our ACPE board draws to help fund the work that our members rely on. As we find opportunities to develop the endowment in future years, our ability to support member services in a more expansive way can grow alongside.

Through the Innovative Programs grants, the Annual Fund Campaign each year has directly supported creative initiatives that touch lives among some of the communities commonly marginalized in our society. It has contributed over $93,000 in small grants that have enabled CPE programs to provide education and spiritual care to new and under-served constituencies. These have included CPE programs offered to Spanish-speaking students in their own language; programs for students ministering in correctional institutions, including one incorporating inmate spiritual care leaders into peer groups with correctional chaplaincy students; programs supporting learning in the context of ministries on the streets and with people moving out of street gangs; programs contributing to the creation of ministry in the developing context of palliative care services; programs bringing Clinical Pastoral Education to students in Kenya and Ghana; programs developing services and educational approaches in the multi-cultural environment of the southwest and Mexico; research to shed light on the learning needs of future chaplains; and a program creating education for chaplains ministering to police and community members in a challenging urban center.

The Annual Fund has also provided financial resources to support development of a robust capability for seeking third-party grants that, in turn, fund research and programming that expand the reach of ACPE. In the past three years, grants secured through the Foundation for ACPE have made over $1,300,000 available to support partnerships and initiatives such as Transforming Chaplaincy, research to understand the future needs of chaplaincy and clinical education for spiritual care, and international engagement of ACPE to contribute to contextually appropriate, high-quality spiritual care education across the globe. Grant-finding activities like these have leveraged our own Annual Fund giving to raise the profile and develop the capacity of ACPE as a valued resource in healthcare and community life.

Even for a laconic fellow like me, what our foundation has made possible in just a few years is both moving and exciting. I’m moved by the generosity of our members, by the thought of students and those served by them who have been touched in transformative ways, and by the vision and service of my predecessors in foundation leadership. And I’m excited about the future of experiential education for spiritual care that we’ll continue to build together through the individual creativity and care of our members and through our collective efforts as participants in our professional association. I so look forward to this opportunity to work with the board, with our 2019 Annual Campaign Chair, Rhonda Daniels, and with you to build ACPE’s capacity for ever more creative and effective contributions to care for the human spirit.
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