Certification Updates: Growth of the New Certification Process

By Cecelia Walker, Certification Commission Chair | March 25, 2019

There are many wonderful things happening with our CEC’s and it is very exciting to see the growth of the new certification process as we continue to experience all that it has to offer.

I am pleased to address a few of the areas that have recently generated questions:

  • A key design element of the new process is that we have endeavored to create a supportive community for each CEC that includes peers, their own ACPE Certified Educator, the Theory Integration Presentation Mentor, and the Certification Commission Reviewer. While everyone is working together to support the CEC’s journey, it is important that we are aware of the dynamics of the various relationships. Therefore, we are pleased to share this graphic that helps to articulate the relationship between the primary/training educator, the CEC, and the Certification Commission Reviewer. You can find the graphic in the Certification Manual.
  • Many CEC’s chose to transition from the old certification process to the new certification process. I want to clarify a few items for everyone who has made this transition.
  • Admission Competencies: While everyone who had successfully met a readiness committee in the old process was granted automatic admission into the new process, CECs are still responsible for addressing the Admission Competencies in their portfolios. The reason for this is that the assessment of the Admission Competencies is very different from having met a readiness committee and then meeting a candidacy committee. The CEC should complete the Admission Competencies form, using data from their previous units and experiences to demonstrate their competencies. This must be concluded prior to the CEC moving in to Phase IB.
  • Portfolios: For those who started the new process last year, you have established your portfolios in a variety of platforms. Now that ACPE has launched its SharePoint platform, you should be thinking about moving your portfolio into SharePoint. SharePoint is a robust platform that is free to ACPE members and will facilitate easier access for everyone involved in your certification process. While this does not need to be done today, you should have your portfolio transferred into SharePoint prior to the End of Phase I Portfolio Review.
  • I am excited to share that we have had several successful Theory Integration Presentations over the past month. Both the CECs and the educators have commented positively on the new format. And, from these presentations, we have received feedback on the ways in which we outline the process and the product in the Certification Manual. To this end, we have expanded two sections of the manual to clarify specific requirements and to provide additional structure for all involved. Please take a moment to review the pages of The Process and The Product and The Presentation.
As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me at certification@acpe.edu.
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