Certification Updates: CEC Evaluations and Pre-Admission Participation in Peer Groups

By Cecelia Walker, Certification Commission Chair | February 18, 2019

I hope everyone is doing well, staying warm, and enjoying winter! Your Certification Commission has been hard at work since we began our terms in January. In our most recent conversation, we focused on two main topics: CEC Evaluations and pre-admission participation in peer groups.

CEC Evaluations
This past January, we implemented a significant change in our certification process that eliminated structured units of Certified Educator CPE. Now, rather than enrolling in discrete units, the CEC is “enrolled” for the entire year, with the fee paid for by their center. With this change in structure, there has also been a change in the way that evaluations are done for CECs. I hope this article helps to clarify the requirement.

From the time that a CEC is accepted into the ACPE Certification Process, they will be a part of ongoing, informal assessment and evaluation by their training educator and other participants in the process. The process also includes formal assessments and evaluation of competencies for the Theory Integration Presentation, the end of Phase I, the end of Phase II, and the Integration Interview. These processes are driven by ACPE and are designed to build upon the work being done by the CEC and their training educator.

The training educator is obligated to write a formal evaluation for the CEC twice a year, at six-month intervals. These evaluations should be written to the competencies that the training educator and CEC agreed to address in the educational plan. As part of this evaluation process, the CEC will be writing self-evaluations as well.

While the requirement is for a formal evaluation twice a year, it is preferable that there are four evaluations per year, coinciding with units in which the CEC is a part.

An educator’s evaluation of the CEC can be valuable “evidence” that the CEC can use to document their achievement of competencies in their portfolio, so utilizing these are beneficial not only to the individual growth and development of the CEC, but also to assisting them to move through the process.

Pre-Admission Participation in Peer Groups
The question about a potential CEC’s participation in peer groups has been asked by several people, so the commission offers the following guidance to everyone.

The admissions process has two discrete components: (1) the local center, where the ACPE Certified Educator, through their own process of discernment, accepts persons to be a CEC in their center; (2) once this has been done, then the applicant must be accepted into the ACPE process.

The intervening time between acceptance at the local center and the conclusion of the ACPE interview will vary depending on the state of the applicant’s portfolio. During this interim time, applicants ARE allowed to participate in CEC peer groups. However, they ARE NOT allowed to participate in any way with students until they have been officially accepted into the ACPE process. Applicants may not observe or participate in the individual or group supervision of residents or interns. In other words, until an applicant is officially accepted by ACPE, it must be clear that their activities are not a part of the ACPE Certification Process.

If you have additional questions on these topics or have questions on other topics, please email me at certification@acpe.edu.

Reminder: Candidates in the Old Certification Process Must Complete a Certification History Form
Are you a candidate in the old certification process? Have you completed the Certification History Form?

If you are a candidate in the old certification process and have not completed a Certification History Form yet, contact coordinators Tania Hammer-Luken and Ramona Cass immediately. Tania and Ramona are serving as coordinators for the Old Certification process.

If you fail to complete the Certification History Form, you will miss current and ongoing policy updates.

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