Community of Practice Funding Application Now Available for 2020 Funding Requests
By ACPE Professional Well-Being Committee |  June 17, 2019

The Professional Well-Being Committee will receive funding requests from registered Communities of Practice for activities hosted from January 1 – December 31, 2020.  This funding cycle will be open from today through Wednesday, July 31, 2019.  Submissions must be received by email or postmarked by July 31, 2019 to be considered in this cycle.  Each CoP seeking funds MUST first be an approved, registered ACPE Community of Practice. New groups not yet approved may submit their registration and funding request simultaneously.

With the consolidation of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors into the ACPE family, we ask that those transferring members not request registration or funding at this time. The newly formed Interim Psychotherapy Commission is continuing to explore how best to establish initial Communities of Practice that speak to the interests and contexts of psychotherapy, practitioner, and retired professional members. Once these start-up CoPs have been established, a process will be announced by which they can apply for funding, and will allow for other CoP’s to form in the future.  

In the 2019 funding cycle, the Professional Well-Being Committee received over $400,000 in initial requests, double the available funding that was budgeted for 2019. In most cases, this required a reduction to the initial funding request.  While the ACPE and Foundation leadership team continue to seek ways of increasing the available funds for future years, our 2020 budget remains limited. The Professional Well-Being Committee will finalize the criteria to be used in allocating the available funds once the total of requested funds is known.

The 2020 criteria used to determine equitable distribution of available funds will be the same or substantially similar to those used in 2019.  Those 2019 guidelines are as follows:
  • Lodging will be funded up to $80 per person, per night. No lodging will be funded unless there is a registration fee requirement in place for attendees.
  • Meals will be funded up to the following per meal rates:
    • Breakfast $15
    • Lunch $20
    • Dinner $40
  • Travel: No airfare, mileage or ground transportation will be reimbursed.  Some minimal planning team expenses were allowed to support the work of the Community of Practice.
  • Speaker: Maximum total for contracted speaker(s) per event is $1500.  Maximum for speaker(s) travel is $500.
  • “CPE Day” events are considered a curriculum event of the center(s) and will not be funded by ACPE.
  • All members and Communities of Practice will adhere to standard ACPE financial policies and procedures regarding allowable expenses. No alcoholic beverages or extreme (high liability) activities are funded.
It is the responsibility of the Community of Practice to exercise stewardship in maintaining any allocation received each year.  Expending funds over-budget, with consideration of reason, may be a factor in decisions for future funding opportunities.  Community of Practice expenses for purposes other than stated in approved funding applications are not allowed without prior authorization by the Professional Well-Being Committee.  

All ACPE approved events must be on record with the ACPE office; all contracts must be reviewed/signed by ACPE event staff.  This is critical in both the marketing of and liability for all events.  The ACPE events staff is prepared to be of assistance to CoP’s in event planning and coordination. The team can assist with scheduling video conferences, venue sourcing, speaker contracting, registration process and more.  

Each currently registered CoP has been assigned a member of the Professional Well-Being Committee.  This representative will be in touch with CoP coordinators over the next few weeks to offer support for any questions you may have, and especially, in creating processes and structures that contribute to the professional development and well-being of our organization.  

We value the work of all ACPE CoP’s and the spirit of community that is growing through these efforts.  We look forward to receiving your funding requests in support of growing expertise and creative projects within ACPE.
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