Should ACPE and AAPC Consolidate into a unified Association?

ACPE News | January 17, 2019

For the last few months, ACPE has been in conversation with AAPC, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, about dissolving AAPC and consolidating the association into ACPE. The ACPE website has posted articles and FAQs regarding the ongoing discussion on the homepage.

AAPC Ballot Measure
AAPC will hold a vote January 30 through February 9, 2019 on the following ballot measure:

AAPC Proposed Consolidation with ACPE
To authorize the AAPC Board of Directors and Officers to carry out the consolidation of AAPC into ACPE, the Board of Directors recommends member adoption of the following resolution, the effect of which will be to approve the transfer of AAPC assets to ACPE and the dissolution of AAPC, and to authorize the AAPC officers to take all steps necessary to effectuate the consolidation.

If AAPC members approve the ballot measure, AAPC will dissolve as an organization in accordance with Missouri law where it is incorporated. 

ACPE Referendum
At the same time, the ACPE Board of Directors is seeking its member’s wisdom regarding an AAPC consolidation. Therefore, ACPE will hold an online referendum during the same timeframe, January 30 through February 9, 2019.

ACPE Referendum regarding AAPC Members
If the members of the AAPC vote to dissolve their association, shall the ACPE Board of Directors invite the members of AAPC to join ACPE?

The ACPE Board of Directors, after hearing its member’s input, will meet on February 11th to vote to formally consolidate AAPC into ACPE. If the board approves the consolidation, AAPC members will be invited to join ACPE beginning in March. Funds and records will be transferred to ACPE in the second quarter of 2019. Throughout the rest of the year, services such as member management, communications and accounting will continue to transfer to the ACPE office.

ACPE Virtual Town Hall Meetings
The ACPE Executive Committee is also hosting virtual town hall meetings to hear from members and answer questions. On Wednesday, the ACPE Executive Committee hosted the first of three virtual town hall meetings. If you missed it, a recording has been posted to ACPE’s YouTube channel. You can register for future virtual town hall meetings by clicking on the links below:

ACPE Member Questions
You may also send your thoughts and questions to Questions are being collated and answered on the website here

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