Summer Time 
By Mindy Hancock, CPE Resident | August 13, 2018

Generative Capacity

I have reached the summer-time of my life.
My family is in full-bloom; I am a constant gardener.
My work is plentiful and satisfying:  patient care, IPR, research and theory, Nights on Call, writing Verbatims—

Beyond the horizon of my CPE residency opens up a new life:  ordination to the priesthood; spiritual care beyond the clinical setting; and renewed patterns of relationships that have been strengthened and deepened. 

It may be God who has lifted me out of the deep miry clay of co-dependence and collapsed emotional boundaries, but He used CPE to do it.

It’s been a year of personal development that has saved my life and professional skills training like no other.  I couldn’t do it on my own: I couldn’t broaden my own perspective or stretch my heart to near-bursting or push my brain to absorb so much learning. 

Only CPE 

and a great supervisor 
and wonderful peers 
and special patients could do all that.

With four weeks left, I begin to prepare my heart to say good-bye. “Transitional space is vital,” says my supervisor.  Good-byes are important. Rites of passage are essential. The future is not clear or in-focus. CPE has taught me that is okay. 

The present moment is enough; being present in this present moment is the only worthwhile preparation for all those other moments and seasons to come.

This summer-time season of my life is more than enough. I am harvesting new learning that is more prolific even than the zucchini plants in my garden. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for all of this abundance.

Rev. Mindy Hancock is enjoying her final unit in a year long CPE Residency program at Community Howard Regional Health in Kokomo, IN.  Kokomo is her home town and she and her husband are raising their three young children with lots of help from family and friends. Mindy is a Candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church and is looking forward to providing quality spiritual care for parishioners after her ordination to the priesthood.  She wrote this reflection to share with her peers as they embark on their last month together. Mindy can be contacted at
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