Professional Well-Being Committee Update
By Barbara L. Bullock, Chair, Professional Well-Being Committee | February 12, 2018

The Professional Well-Being Committee met adjacent to the REM Invitational last week. It was wonderful to be in Washington D.C. with so many of our creative and dedicated colleagues. The committee reviewed 53 registrations with 60% being geographical and 40% falling into categories such as research, curriculum development, theory, setting, and group affinity. This level of diversity in the communities of practice is very exciting and shows the creative energy of the national membership.

The committee has received many inquiries regarding a directory of all the communities of practice so that members can find groups for which they have an interest. The national office has been working behind the scenes to improve the registration and funding process. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding an improved process for the management of groups online. The ACPE website will be able to be a resource site to share ideas, recruit new members, upload documents, and manage membership rosters.

Registration of a Community of Practice can be accomplished through this link: []. Online registration assigns the “GroupID” number required for official recognition and funding reimbursement. No groups will be funded if they have not registered online first. Please include the title of your CoP in the description of your group. You might want to be descriptive since members will use the title to search for groups they want to join.

Funding for 2018 CoPs is nearly complete. The deadline for all 2018 funding requests is February 28, 2018. The committee has already allocated funds in excess of the original amount released by the board. However, the organization recognizes that we are in a “start-up” year, and financial projections were based on historical past patterns, not our new structure. The committee is committed to provide as much reasonable support as possible. We would ask that groups be prudent with requests since funds are very limited at this point. If your group has not required funding in the past, please be a good steward and be conservative. To move the organization forward, the membership will need to support innovation and research. In other words, don’t ask for funds unless you really need it!

Requests for administrative staff wages will not be funded. Staff positions and hiring is a duty of the board and national staff, not committees. If you have need of administrative support, please reach out to your Director for Community, Practice, and Member Development for guidance.

The Rev. Barbara Bullock, M.Div., BCC is Director, Pastoral Care at OhioHealth in Columbus, OH. She may be reached at
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