Volunteer Leadership Opportunities 
By Stephen Robinson, Chair, Leadership Development Committee  |  May 28, 2018

Volunteering to serve in a leadership capacity is a great way for member to contribute to the mission, work, and future of ACPE. It also provides members with leadership development and networking opportunities. There are leadership opportunities for all members of ACPE. The Leadership Development Committee is committed to assessing the skills and talents of each member interested in serving, as well as preparing everyone for the work.

As an ACPE leader, you will have the opportunities to:

  • Facilitate the work of educating students at all levels of CPE
  • Participate in the planning of conferences for the members
  • Connect to various members across the world, network, and form new and meaningful relationships
  • Engage colleagues in the work and mission of ACPE
  • Ensure the health and well-being of the members and CPE centers
  • Help shape the conversation that impacts of the work of ACPE
Please watch the video below to learn more about the leadership structure of ACPE and ways that you can get involved.
There are volunteer opportunities on the board, commissions, and committees. You can see the current leadership of ACPE here: www.acpe.edu/ACPE/Directory/Leadership.

Here is a list of open leadership positions in 2019:
  • Secretary/Treasurer ACPE Board
  • ACPE Board Member (5)
  • ACPE Accreditation Commission Chair-elect
  • ACPE Accreditation Commission Member (5)
  • ACPE Certification Commission Chair-elect
  • ACPE Certification Commission Member (10)
  • ACPE Ethics Commission (3)
  • ACPE Leadership Development Committee (2)
  • ACPE Finance and Audit Committee (2)
  • ACPE Advocacy Committee (3)
  • ACPE Curriculum Committee (3)
  • ACPE Professional Well-being Committee (3)
  • ACPE Research Committee (3)
If you are interested in applying for a leadership position in ACPE, you can apply by filling out the online form.

Once we receive your application, a member of the ACPE Leadership Development Committee will schedule a call with you and have a conversation about your interest in serving in a leadership position.
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