Certification: Progressive Autonomy in Educating Under Supervision

By Mary Stewart Hall, Certification Commission Chair | May 17, 2018

Do you have a CEC in your center?  If you said yes, then you need to see this

Changes in the certification process have brought about a new understanding of the progressive nature of a CEC’s journey towards independent supervision.

During Phase I, the training educator (National Faculty) must maintain a presence in the room with the CEC at all times.  A presence in the room is required so that the training educator has the ability to observe the CEC and the group directly and if needed, can make a “real-time” intervention.  There are multiple ways that this “presence” can be achieved:
  1. The training educator may be physically seated in the room
  2. The training educator may observe the CEC and the group through a two-way mirror
  3. The training educator may be “in the room” via video-conferencing where there is both visual (a screen and camera) and audio connection
During Phase I, as illustrated in the diagram, a CEC begins as an Observer.  Then, at the sole discretion of the training educator, the CEC progresses to becoming a Participant Observer and finally to a Participant. There is no predetermined length of time for each of these steps; a CEC’s readiness to move from one to the next is decided by the training educator. Additionally, at the discretion of the training educator, the CEC may present a didactic without the training educator in the room throughout Phase I, with the understanding that presenting an occasional didactic is distinct from supervising group work such as IPR and Verbatims.

It is during Phase II, then, that a CEC may supervise under the supervision of the training educator, without a presence in the room.  While this may seem “later” in the certification process, please remember that the transition from Phase I to Phase II is marked by the successful demonstration of having achieved all of the required competencies, so there is no set timeframe.  That is to say that the pace at which a CEC moves through Phase I and into Phase II is entirely dependent upon the CEC’s ability to demonstrate achievement of the required competencies.
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