New Certification Process Manual Now Online

By ACPE News | July 20, 2018

The New Certification Process Manual is now online! Please note that the NEW manual is only for those who are in the New Certification Process. If you are in the Old Certification Process, please be sure to follow the 2016 Certification Manual. If you are not sure which process you are following, please reach out to Sheilah Hawk today.

If you are applying to the new process or have a student applying to your program, we want to draw your attention to the Competencies for Admission Cross-Referenced Chart in the new manual. As the Competencies for Admission are the primary means of assessment for entry into the ACPE Certification Process, this chart will be a helpful resource, as there will be a lot of relevant data in an applicant’s final evaluations; and for those who are BCC data may be gleaned from your competency essays. The chart lists the ACPE Competencies with reference to the corresponding ACPE Level I/II Outcomes and the Common Qualifications and Competencies for Professional Chaplains.

Looking Ahead: For those of you in the Old Certification Process and who are planning ahead, we want to let you know that we are planning for three (3) Certification Hubs in 2019:  The ACPE Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ in May; a to-be-named mid-Western/mid-Atlantic location in September; and the ACPE Leadership Meeting in Decatur, GA in November. Final locations and specific dates will be set after this year’s ACPE Leadership Meeting in Decatur in November 2018.

Also, we will host six “virtual” theory paper reading hubs throughout 2019 for those in the Old Certification Process. Dates for submission and reading will be posted on the ACPE website in December 2018.
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