Center Directory Upgrades and New Center Admin Accounts

ACPE News  |  April 19, 2018

The ACPE database and online directory have received an upgrade! With new fields to choose from, enhanced search capabilities, and special administrative accounts to update center listings, the database is more user-friendly and helps to market ACPE centers and their programs.

New Information in the Database

Units Offered and Stipends

Based on member and student feedback, new categories have been added to the Units Offered and Stipends section of the database. Centers are now able to let visitors know when units are offered during the year with the addition of 2nd-Year Residency and Online Options. Online Options refers to having any part of a CPE unit offered available via video conferencing.

Centers Types (Settings)

Centers may now self-identify as one or more types/settings:
Campus Ministry General Hospital Psychiatric Hospital
Children's Hospital Hospice Rehabilitation Center
Community Mental Health Center Intellectual/Developmental Disability Center  Retirement/Geriatric Center
Community Organization Center Military Center Theological Seminary
Correctional Center, Adult Parish University Related Training Hospital
Correctional Center, Juvenile Pastoral Care Agency Veteran's Hospital
Counseling Center
Please note that these are not accreditation categories, such as system center or satellite, but rather a descriptive category designed to inform visitors to the directory about the focus of your center.

Don’t see an appropriate description of your Center? Contact with suggestions.

Enhanced Search Features

The Accredited Center directory now has more search filters. In addition to searching by “state” and “name,” anyone can filter their search by when/how “Units are offered” and by “Center Type.” Use one or more of the filters to refine your search.

While additional search filters can help narrow down the number of centers that are shown, please also remember that use of the filters requires a specific match with a database category, so if a center’s listing matches one filter but not others, it will not show up in the search results. Removing filters will provide more search results.

NEW Center Admins Accounts

The new Center Admin account was created for centers to be able to update certain directory information such as: center type(s), applications fees, stipends, units offered, and the center logo. Center Admins can also review/pay center fees, see linked educators and enrolled students, and monitor student unit registrations. The Center Admin cannot give credit to students and may not update any information that is included on the Appendix 2

Centers may assign one or two admins per center. Admin privileges are granted for each center, component site, and satellite individually. A Center Admin can be a certified educator, member, or center administrator. Please note the Center Admin is an “internal” designation and is not listed in the public directory.

Already a Center Admin? Click here for instruction to sign-in and navigate the site.

Review Your Center Info Now! Update Your Center Listing and Admins

When is the last time you reviewed the directory information about your center? Want to take advantage of the new features? Ready to assign a Center Admin?

Appendix 2

To streamline the new features, Accreditation Appendix 2 has been redesigned. Complete an Appendix 2 online for administrative, personnel, and programmatic changes.

Center Directory Form

Not ready to be a Center Admin? Submit your updates online with the Center Directory Form to update: Application fees, Center Type, Units Offered, and Stipends.