Time to Step In and Step Up!
By George Grant, PhD, 2018 Annual Campaign Chair  |  July 23, 2018

In last week’s ACPE newsletter, Trace shared the many active intersections we are engaged in. It takes stamina and analytic foresight to train ourselves for the future, and we have the solid history and current architecture to invite persons outside of our work to fully appreciate our promise. This work cannot prosper and we cannot strengthen ourselves as educators without dedication to the spiritual health professions writ large. In our co-mingling and blending, it will be very important that we see our innovation work to be A-1 on our list of priorities. Our colleagues in research and service should demand that the education arm be invigorated by constant improvement.

In day-to-day operations our centers have at once the requirements associated with meeting accreditation and certification standards while at the same time moving with cultures that are ever-changing in the learning environments. To carve out space for innovation is tough. Now is the time to step into a shared experience of that challenge through an integration with our Communities of Practice (CoP). The seeding for projects and the energy from common purpose creates space. Development of those projects, particularly for centers that are economically pressed, can partly come from our dedication to the Annual Campaign.

This year, we encourage ACPE members to participate in the Giving Competition among CoPs, where the CoP with the most giving participation will win a special prize! I invite CoP leadership to get this message out to the community. A monthly gift from every member of this organization would ensure that we hold up our part of the tripartite stool.


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