Accreditation Work Group Announces Timeline 051718
By John Pumphrey, Chair  |  May 21, 2018 

The Accreditation Work Group had very productive dialogs with both the Board of Directors and the Accreditation Commission earlier this month as part of the leadership meetings. The topics focused on the approval of the new standards, which were reviewed and revised based on the feedback from the membership, a broad framework for the accreditation cycle, and a timeline for implementation. Information will be forthcoming to the membership about the framework, but for now we wanted to share a few details about the general approach to accreditation and anticipated timeline for implementation, as we know that centers look ahead to the year of their upcoming reviews.

Accreditation by ACPE is intended to be a matter of relational accountability - a member commitment to meet professional standards of practice. It is hoped that our professional community views accreditation as a worthy endeavor that benefits the center, the certified educators, and the students. The accreditation process will facilitate a culture of mutuality, collaboration, and appreciation. It will be a consistent process focused on the continuous alignment and improvement of a center’s work, toward what is best in the education of students.

Accreditation will utilize portfolios as the foundation for what is intended to be an ongoing, relational, integrative, and dialogical process between centers and the Accreditation Commission. These portfolios will be living documents, updated on a regular basis that will keep centers current with everything that will be required as part of the ongoing accreditation process.

Based on the current work of the group, we anticipate the following timeline, with more details to be shared later in the summer:

January 1, 2019: 

Centers Complete Annual Reports in BoardEffect by January 15, 2019

 Early 2019:  

Portfolio guidelines will be shared;
Online, interactive, and video educational opportunities made available to all about the new accreditation process

 During 2019:  

Centers will begin developing their accreditation portfolios;
Online workshops and Q & A sessions will be held throughout the year to provide guidance and offer feedback

September 17, 2019:  

Finalized 2020 Accreditation Manual is published online;
Drafts of the manual will be shared earlier in the year, particularly as sections that apply to the portfolio and required content

 January 1, 2020:

New standards and new process are officially in place

Transition Notes
If your center is scheduled for a 5- or 10-Year Review in 2019, you will prepare your materials in accordance with the 2016 Accreditation Manual. There will not be any changes to any process or requirement for you.

If your center is scheduled for a 5- or 10-Year Review in 2020, your materials will be in your accreditation portfolio and in accordance with the 2020 Accreditation Manual. Special workshops to help you prepare for this will be offered in the first half of 2019.
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