Updates from the Accreditation Commission

By Wayne Maberry, Chair, Accreditation Commission | May 17, 2018

The Accreditation Commission would like to thank all of the centers for their hard work and to offer congratulations to those centers who successfully completed their Ten-Year Reviews and to those who achieved accredited status. In accordance with commission policies, the Commission Action Reports (CARs) will be uploaded into BoardEffect no later than June 9, thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the meeting. Centers are encouraged to check the BoardEffect site because CARs will no longer be mailed. A complete list of commission actions will be posted on the ACPE website within the same time frame.

As is the case with each meeting, there are a few clarifications and changes to certain policies that we wish to share with you. These changes are also noted in the Accreditation Manual , highlighted in orange.

The Commission has authorized the following policy changes that are now in effect:
  1. The Letter of Financial Standing is no longer needed for an accreditation review. Upon receipt of Appendix 3, the ACPE office will automatically check the financial standing of the center and will notify the appropriate individuals if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

  2. The timeline for the Site Team Visit Reports Parts I & II and the center’s response has been adjusted. The timeline will be as follows (all days are calendar days):
  • The Part I Report is due to the center 14 days after the conclusion of the site visit.
  • The center's response to the Part I Report is due to the National Site Team Chair 44 days after the conclusion of the site visit (30 days after the 14 day period for receipt of the Part I Report ends).
  • The Part II Report is due to the center 58 days after the conclusion of the site visit (14 days after the 30 day period for the center's response ends).

Please note that both the center and the site team may respond sooner than the stated timeline, but that does not alter the timeline for the response from the other party. If both parties are in agreement, responses may be provided sooner.

As part of the Part I Report, the National Site Team Chair will note the specific calendar date for each part of the process.

The Commission would like to remind everyone of the following requirements:
  1. Appendix 7D-1, the Certified Educator’s Evaluation Cover Sheet. This document is to be used on every final evaluation. The policy to use this appendix went into effect on January 1, 2016.
  2. Students are expected to enroll online via the ACPE website during orientation. If a student is having difficulty enrolling or is unable to enroll, please contact Kimberly Yates, Accreditation Coordinator at enrollment@acpe.edu. The commission recommends that Certified Educators check their students' enrollment during or immediately after orientation to ensure they are enrolled correctly.
  3. Registration of units by ACPE Certified Educators must be completed no later than 45 days after the conclusion of the unit. When registering the unit, please double check that the end date is correct, as late unit counting is based on the end date of the unit that is entered by you into the database.
  4. The night after registering a unit, you should receive an automated confirmation. If you do not receive it by the next morning, please contact Carl Jones-Reid, Technology Specialist, in the ACPE office at enrollment@acpe.edu.
  5. Please note the following information about the confirmations and changes:
  • If your students do not enter the exact same start/end dates, they will not appear on the same confirmation sheet, even if you register them at the same time, so be sure to scroll down in the attachment to see if there are additional pages.
  • If a student was enrolled previously at a different center, they will need to change their center before enrolling in your unit, otherwise the enrollment will be linked to their old center and will need to be changed afterwards.
  • Please check your confirmation when you receive it to ensure that the information that was entered into the database is accurate. If a student is missing or if information is incorrect, please email Kimberly Yates with the correct information.
As always, if you have questions about accreditation or standards, we hope that you will be in touch with your Area Chair.
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