AAPC-ACPE Task Force Update
ACPE News | November 5, 2018

The AAPC-ACPE Transition Task Force continues their work about a common future for their associations.  The task force has now appointed sub-committee members to explore consolidated: finances; governance and memberships; operations; and programs and curriculum. 

Additionally, a face-to-face meeting has been scheduled December 14-16 at the ACPE Office in Decatur, GA.

The sub-committee members will be comprised of the following people:


  • Amy Greene, Co-chair, ACPE
  • Tere Tyner Canzoneri, Co-chair, AAPC
  • Melissa Walker-Luckett, ACPE
  • Claire Bamberg, AAPC
  • David Johnson, ACPE
  • Robert Renix, ACPE
  • Doug Thorpe, AAPC
  • John Sandel, AAPC
  • Trace Haythorn, Staff
  • John Roch, Staff
  • Florence DeWitt, Chair, AAPC
  • Russell Siler Jones, AAPC
  • Marcus McKinney, AAPC
  • Aaron Pawelek, AAPC
  • Beth Toler, AAPC
  • John Pumphrey, ACPE
  • Jamie Beachy, ACPE
  • Cecelia Walker, ACPE
  • Marc Medwed, Staff
  • John Roch, Staff
  • Linda Wilkerson, Co-chair, ACPE
  • Elizabeth Denham Thompson, Co-chair, AAPC
  • Wally Fletcher, AAPC
  • Randy Simmonds, AAPC
  • Doug Thorpe, AAPC
  • David Johnson, ACPE
  • Barbara Sheehan, ACPE
  • Jonathan Ball, ACPE
  • Trace Haythorn, Staff
  • Marc Medwed, Staff
  • Jennifer Rochner, Staff
  • Beth Ellis, RMK
  • Trace Haythorn, ACPE
  • John Roch, ACPE
  • Scott Punk, RMK
  • Tere Tyner Canzoneri, AAPC
  • Terry Izaguirre, ACPE
  • Tiffany Kindred, ACPE
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