Greetings from the Implementation Team's First Meeting
By Amy Greene, President-Elect, Team Chair  |  January 26, 2017

We are closing in on the final hour of the team’s 48 hours together and I am so excited to report that we are moving forward! The team of nine supervisors and one clinical member (rock star Chaplain and former MICU nurse Rob Hartmann who helped resuscitate a 91-year-old woman at dinner last night -- more on that later), along with staff support from Trace Haythorn, Tammy Davis, John Roch and consultant Donna Dunn, got an enormous amount of work done. 

The spirit of hopefulness, collegiality and eagerness was with us throughout. Our task was to take the work of the Organizational Design Work Group (fondly referred to as "Oh-Dawg" -- not to be confused with "Old Dogs") and determine how to divide the work of the association among committees, commissions, staff, etc. Lots of details to come -- stay tuned to the January 30th Monday Briefing. We finished our charges to the various committees and commissions outline by ODWG, as well as articulating how some of the transitions can happen with the least trauma and unnecessary change (in other words, we aren't trying to fix anything that isn't broken).

There is much to do over the next two years -- some things are doable by end of 2017 and some will need until end of 2018. We are entering an in-between time where we will all do well to think in "both/and" terms rather than "either/or." None of us knows exactly what it will look like, but we are hopeful and committed to the work. There is much still to define and work out, but we will get there. We have huge challenges in our workplaces and our world that also need our energy and commitment, so let us keep in perspective our collective work of moving the profession forward.

Some important and cherished things are changing, certainly. There are strong feelings about what the changes mean – or seem to mean – and what might get left behind. All we ask is that as our community grieves, we also remember not to give up too quickly. We may be surprised to find that many of our treasures have survived the passage and come with us.

Here’s a photo of our Redesign Implementation Team - when you see them, please share your thanks for the incredible work they are doing on behalf of our ACPE!

Back Row:  Kathy Gallivan,  David Carl, Steve Ivy, Robert Renix, Rob Hartmann, Trace Haythorn
Front Row:  Brenda Simonds, Sarah Knoll Sweeny, Bridget Piggue, Kathy Turner, Donna Dunn, Amy Greene, Tammy Davis