Updates from the Certification Commission
By Mary Stewart Hall , Certification Chair | December 2017

The new application for Certified Educator Programs is now on the website. Click here to download the application form.

We are excited to share the information about the new Certification Hubs. Please click here for detailed information, including all of the hub dates for 2018, registration and materials deadlines, and information on the registration process.

Please note that you must now register online—letters of intent will no longer be accepted and all registrations require payment by credit/debit card. No checks or money orders will be accepted.

As of December 31, 2017, your theory papers/presentation will only be viewed at one of our Certification Hubs or National meetings. Please see Certification Hub deadline dates for Theory Papers.

Did you know? The new title for an SES is a CEC: Certified Educator Candidate.

Questions? Email certification@acpe.edu.

Updates from the Accreditation Commission
By Wayne Maberry, Accreditation Chair | December 2017

Annual Reports are Due January 15, 2018
Click here to read about the changes to the Annual Report and for instructions on how to complete your Annual Report in BoardEffect. Please note that BoardEffect will be ready for you to complete your form by the end of the day on Monday, December 18, 2017.

Accreditation Reviews Scheduled for 2018
The accreditation review process remains the same and all of the Standards published in the 2016 Manuals remain in effect and the curricula that you are using in your center should reflect the outcomes and objectives as they are published. The changes in the certification process that will be in effect as of January 1, 2018, will not impact any review that is happening in 2018. If you have any questions, please be in touch with your Accreditation Chair.

Five Year Reviews
All centers who will have a five year review in 2018 will once again be uploading materials into BoardEffect, which is the same platform being used for the Annual Report. The checklist of materials required may be found in the 2016 Accreditation Manual. All materials for the five year review must be uploaded to BoardEffect by March 31, 2018. BoardEffect will be ready for you to upload your materials by March 1, 2018. Training sessions will be offered in February 2018 for centers seeking assistance.

Ten Year Reviews
This past year, we piloted a ten year review using BoardEffect and it went well. If your center will have a ten year review in 2018 and you would like to submit your materials electronically, please email Marc Medwed, Director of Programs, at marc@acpe.edu to discuss the requirements.

General Reminders
  • Title Changes: As you update your materials, especially if you are having a five year review or a ten year review in 2018, please be sure to change your materials to reflect the following professional titles: ACPE Certified Educator and ACPE Associate Certified Educator. This is important to ensure that handbooks accurately reflect those who are authorized by ACPE to conduct the unit (Standard 303).
  • Certified Educator’s Evaluation Cover Sheet (Appendix 7D-1) : Please be sure that you are using this form for your final evaluations.

Questions? Email accreditation@acpe.edu.
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