Directions for Uploading Supporting Documents into BoardEffect
ACPE News  | January 2017

1.  From your center’s workroom page, click on Library.

2.  Then, click on Other Files.

3.  Then, click to open the folder, Annual Report 2016 Supporting Documentation.

4.  Then, there are a few ways to upload your supporting documentation: 1. Drag and drop your files into the rectangular box (yellow arrow)*; 2. Click on “click here for more options” (blue arrow); or 3. Click on the green Upload icon (green arrow).
*Note that the yellow arrow option (drag and drop) requires only that you hit save and will not open another window.

5.  If you choose the blue or green arrow methods, you will see the following window. Click on the blue Browse button to find your file from your computer to upload. Just below the Browse button, you will see a box called Resource Title. This box allows you to name your file so that it is clear to you and to the reviewers what it is—the name of the file does not have to match your file name, as your original file stays on your computer. Please note that each file must be uploaded individually. After choosing your file and naming it, click on the SAVE button to upload it. Repeat this process for additional documents.

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