Directions for Accessing the BoardEffect Platform
ACPE News  | January 2017

Key Terms

BoardEffect: The name of the software platform that are we are using for our document submissions.
My BoardEffect: This is the main page that you will see when you log-in to BoardEffect.
Workroom: This term refers to the page in BoardEffect that is reserved for each center. Access to a workroom is limited to the designated supervisor, the regional chair of accreditation and the reviewers for each center.
My Polls and Surveys: This refers to the area in BoardEffect that we are using to complete Appendix 1.

1. Sign-in to Access BoardEffect

If the button above does not work, click on or copy/paste the following link into your browser to access the BoardEffect platform:

2.  After logging in, you will see the following screen which is known as My BoardEffect. This is the main screen from which you will navigate to your center’s workroom.

3.  When you are on the My Board Effect page, look to the left-hand column and you will see your center’s accreditation region and if you click on that, you will then see your center’s work room.

Directly below the welcome message, you will see two different areas: My Upcoming Events and My Polls and Surveys. The section My Upcoming Events is only used for commission meetings at this time. Under My Polls and Surveys, you will see the links to the fillable forms for your center’s annual report. As this is a sample center, there are three distinct surveys to complete, so please read the title of each carefully to ensure that you are completing each form with the proper information. Every center is to complete Appendix 1: Annual Center Report 2016. Then, if you have a satellite program and/or component sites, you will complete the appropriate form for each of those sites. If you have multiple satellites or components, you should have a form for each one. If you are missing a form or if you have too many, please email so that it can be fixed.

4. To get started, click on the name of your accreditation region, in the left-hand column, then click on the name of your center to go to your center’s workroom.

5. This is the welcome message that is specific for this Workroom. Each Workroom can have its own welcome message and is only visible to the designated supervisor from each center, the regional accreditation chair and ultimately to the Accreditation commission representatives who will be reviewing the reports.

5.  The welcome message that is located directly below the center name contains brief instructions for completing the form and uploading documents. Just above the center name, you will see four large buttons: Home, Events, Library and Collaborate. The only area that you will be accessing is the Library. This is the area in which you will be uploading any supporting documentation (if applicable) for your annual report.

5. If you scroll down within this Workroom, you will see the following section: My Polls and Surveys. This is the area where you will complete the built-in form for Appendix 1: Annual Center Report. If you have satellite or component sites, you will see a form for each site that is to be completed. If you do not have enough forms or too many forms, please email to correct this. Please note that the initial view does not always contain all of the surveys, so you might need to click on View All, which is located just after the title of the section.

6.  To begin completing your forms, click on the title of Appendix 1: Annual Center Report 2016.

7.  On the following screen, you will see the form that needs to be completed to submit your Annual Report.

8.  These questions are the same as the Appendix 1 that has been used in the past—some formatting of the questions has been changed to adapt to the program. Each question with an asterisk (*) next to it is REQUIRED and a value must be entered or the system will not allow you to submit your form. Additionally, questions that require a narrative response ask you to click on the LEAVE COMMENT link just below the question. This will open a box in which you can enter your narrative. If you do not have a narrative to enter, do not click on the LEAVE COMMENT link and the box will not open. Please note that the LEAVE COMMENT link appears for most questions and can be used to explain any question that needs additional information.

9.  At the bottom of the survey, there are two options for you: 1. SAVE PROGRESS: this feature allows you to save your work and return to it later so that the form does not have to be completed in one sitting. 2. SUBMIT: this button will submit the report and notify your regional accreditation chair that you have completed your form. Please note that each form (for the center, satellite and components) is separate from the others—you do not have to submit them all at the same time.

10. Once completed, if you have satellites or components, you can then complete the additional forms in the same manner as above. If you do not have components or satellites, you are finished with this portion of the annual report. If you have supporting documents (contracts, agreements, etc.) you will now upload those.

Need help uploading your supporting documents into BoardEffect? Click here.

Find the designated Supervisor for your Center. Click here

Require further assistance? Contact Marc Medwed, Program Manager or Kimberly Yates, Accreditation Coordinator.