ACPE Leadership Election Results
ACPE | November 2017

On Monday, October 30 at 10:00 AM EDT, eligible voters received a ballot to participate in the ACPE Leadership Election. Polls were open until Monday, November 6 at 10:AM EDT. The election results have now been verified by Stephen Robinson, Leadership Development Committee Chair, and Miguel Santamaria, ACPE Secretary. 

  • 583 ballots submitted of 1348 eligible voters
  • 43.2% of eligible voters participated in this election
The verified results are below: 

ACPE Board of Directors 

Melissa Walker-Luckett

Accreditation Commission


Pamela Lazor

(1) ACPE Member Term Available

Va'Nechia Rayford

Leadership Development Committee

(1) 3 Year Term Available 

Gordon Hilsman

Certification Commission 

(1) 3 Year Clinician Term Available

Christina Miller

(1) 3 Year Public Tern Available

Lisa Merriweather

Finance/Audit Committee

(2) 3 Year Terms Available 
(2) 2 Year Terms Available

Barbara Sheehan
David Johnson
Jonathan Ball

Ethics Commission 


Brian Conley


Cristina Stevens 

(3) 1 Year Terms Available 
(3) 3 Year Terms Available
(3) 5 Year Terms Available

Julie Hanada
Betty White
Marianne Robbins
Garrett Starmer
Karl Van Harn
Greg Stoddard
Michael Cohen
Misti Johnson-Arce
John Weagraff
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