2018 Membership and Accreditation Billing

ACPE News  |  July 26, 2017

Since ACPE’s membership adopted a new governance structure at the end of 2016, the association’s leadership has been assiduously implementing the new design and consolidating its business model. Finance, billing, event planning, and communications have been, and continue to be, streamlined for efficiency and consistency.

The new membership and accreditation billing is a reflection of their work. The varied billing methods and fee structures have been brought together into a unified model that supports the profession and our members in the ways they have come to expect. 

The information that follows describes the billing changes. To assist CPE Centers with budgeting questions, an estimate of their 2018 membership and accreditation bill was sent to the CPE Center’s email address on file on July 26, 2017. Contact accounting@acpe.edu if your CPE Center did not receive an estimate.

Improved Features/New Billing:

  • A Single Bill: CPE Centers will no longer receive multiple invoices from various offices.
  • Elimination of two-tiered scale based on accreditation level.
  • Installment payment options provide for flexible budgeting.
  • A quarterly report will be sent to Centers to increase accuracy of student records and billing.
  • Consolidated member categories provide a more fair billing system focused on membership benefits.
  • Retired members continue to enjoy their rights and privileges at no annual cost.
The 2018 annual billing for Member dues and Center fees will be mailed mid-November 2017.

If at any time you have questions or require further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us! Call the national office at (404) 320-1472 or email accounting@acpe.edu.

2018 New Model for Center Dues and Accreditation Fee

Single Bill

Beginning for 2018, centers will receive a single bill for the entire year. The following separate bills have been reorganized into one bill:
  • Regional student unit invoices.
  • Regional annual center fees.
  • Regional annual accreditation fees.
  • Regional site visit fees.
  • Center-paid accreditation site team expenses.
  • National membership dues and accreditation bill.
As in the past, each center will receive this bill in late November 2017 for the 2018 membership dues and accreditation fee.

ACPE Center Membership Fee

As the Finance Committee and Redesign Implementation Team have worked to implement the new structure for ACPE, we have also studied the financial models of other accrediting/certifying organizations. For example, the Association for Theological Schools has both a membership fee for centers as well as accreditation fees. Upon review of the vastly different fees charged by the nine regions, we have determined that on average an equivalent membership fee for ACPE Centers is $2000. Moving forward, all Centers will pay a base $2,000 membership fee. Host Systems and Centers will also be accessed a $100 membership fee for each of their satellites or sites. 

Accreditation Fee - Based on estimated 2018 student units

The 2018 accreditation fee is based on an estimate of the student units in the CPE program between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018, the center’s 2018 Estimated Units.

The 2018 Estimated Units are equal to the number of student units in the CPE program during the same period immediately prior, September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

Comparison of 2018 Estimated Units to 2018 Actual

In October 2018, the 2018 Estimated Units will be compared to 2018 actual student units. A balance due bill or credit will be issued prior to 2019 billing.

Based on historical consistency in the size of CPE programs year over year, we expect the amount of the balance due or credit to be small for a majority of centers.

Adjusting the 2018 Accreditation Fee

For situations where the CPE program size is not consistent with the prior year, the 2018 Estimated Units will be adjusted. The center may request an adjustment or ACPE may contact the center to discuss an adjustment. An adjustment can be made at any time. A student unit report will be available to centers to use for comparison.

Payment Options

Payment may be made at once or may be spread over 3 payments.

2018 Membership Dues

Old Membership Description New Membership Description Active Status Retired Status
ACPE Supervisor ACPE Certified Educator $500.00 $ -
Clinical Member ACPE Spiritual Care Professional $100.00 $ -
ACPE Supervisor - Active Retired ACPE Certified Educator $500.00 n/a
ACPE Supervisor Associate ACPE Certified Associate Educator $500.00 n/a
ACPE Supervisor Candidate ACPE Educator Candidate $100.00 n/a
ACPE Supervisor - On Leave ACPE Certified Educator $ - n/a
ACPE Supervisor - Inactive Retired ACPE Certified Educator $ - n/a
Individual Member ACPE Friend $ - n/a
Retired Member ACPE Friend $ - n/a
Student Member Student $ - n/a
Seminary Advisory Group $200.00 n/a
Denomination or Faith Group Advisory Group $200.00 n/a
Accredited Center Accredited Center $2,000.00 n/a
Satellite of Accredited Center Satellite $100.00 n/a
Accredited System Accredited System $2,000.00 n/a
System Site System Site $100.00 n/a

Miscellaneous Fees

Satellite to Accredited Center Fee $350.00
Satellite to Accredited System Center Fee $350.00 ($100 for each additional site)
Accredited Center Restoration to Active Status Fee $350.00
Accredited System Center Restoration to Active Status Fee  $350.00 ($100 for each additional site) 
Pre-Accreditation Application Fee $500.00
Accreditation Postponement Request Fee $1,000.00
Second Review Fee $500.00 (If a center reschedules a site visit within 45 days or if a National Site Team Chair is forced to reschedule a visit due to inadequate materials.)
Certification Review Fee for ACPE Associate Certified Educator $535.00 ($250 deposit at time of registration, balance due no later than 30 days prior to mtg)
Certification Review Fee for ACPE Certified Educator $875.00 ($250 deposit at time of registration, balance due no later than 30 days prior to mtg)
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