Student Unit Database Reminders

By Marc Medwed, Program Manager  | August 2016


Student Enrollment
The student enrollment process should be done during the orientation to a unit, as any student who completes orientation must be accounted for in unit registrations.

For New Students:  A student who has not taken a unit of CPE since October 2015 must first create an account on the ACPE website. This can be done by going to the website, then to MY ACPE, then to FOR STUDENTS, then to ENROLL IN CPE UNIT. When the student creates a new account, s/he will need to link to a Center by utilizing the appropriate drop-down menu. After entering the required demographic information, the student will then need to enroll in a CPE unit, entering the start/end dates of a unit, the supervisor ID number (a list will be automatically populated based on the Center that the student selected), and the level of CPE.

For Returning Students:  A student who has taken a unit of CPE after October 2015 should already have an account on the ACPE website and should not create a new one. If the student cannot remember the password, there is a password reset feature. After logging into the account, the student will be asked to verify the Center in which they are taking CPE and their demographic information. Then, the student will need to enroll in a CPE unit, entering the start/end dates of a unit, the supervisor ID number (a list will be automatically populated based on the Center that the student selected), and the level of CPE.

For Supervisors:  When students have indicated that they have completed the enrollment process, the Supervisor should log into their ACPE account, go to MY ACPE, SUPERVISOR and then REGISTER STUDENT UNITS to ensure that all of their students are properly enrolled. If a student is missing, please contact us and we will check to see what data was entered incorrectly so that we can fix it. By doing this immediately after the students enroll, we have plenty of time to troubleshoot as necessary and ensure that you will be able to register/certify the credit at the end of the unit.

Registration/Certification of Student Units
At the conclusion of the unit, and no later than 45 days after the published end date of the unit, the Supervisor shall register/certify the unit by reviewing the information that the student entered (end date, level of CPE, and type of unit) and then assigning 0, .5 or 1 credit for the unit. If a student does not appear on your list, please first check with that student to ensure that s/he enrolled. If they did, then contact the National Office so that we can help to fix any mis-entry of information. Please pay special attention to the end date of the unit when you are giving credit. Supervisors should not edit any information prior to assigning credit, as the system will not allow that to save. Once credit is assigned, any edits or changes must be sent in writing to the National Office.

What happens if…
A student enrolls in a unit but leaves prior to the completion of orientation?
Please contact the National Office to ask us to delete the student’s enrollment.

A student enrolls in a unit, completes orientation, but does not finish the unit?
Any student that completes orientation must be given either 0, .5 or 1 credit for the unit of CPE, depending on when the student withdraws. In all cases, if a student has completed orientation, the END DATE of the unit remains as the published end date, regardless of when the student left the unit.

To Further Assist You with these Processes
To further assist you with these processes, there are written instructions and links to a YouTube tutorial on the both the enrollment page for students and the registration page for supervisors.

Please let us help you!
By ensuring that your students are all properly enrolled at the end of orientation, we have plenty of time to troubleshoot any issues students are encountering. The end of a unit is a hectic time in the national office as well as our Centers. Your staff strives to meet your requests in a timely manner but we cannot ensure we will be able to help you in time to prevent a notation for Standard 300.1 if you wait until the deadline to register/certify your units.

Units Prior to October 2015
If a student is looking for previous CPE units taken prior to October 2015, they are in the system, but may not necessarily be attached to their current account. The National Office is continuing to work on the merging of the over 80,000 records that we brought over from the old database. Please tell your students that they should not attempt to add past units to the new system—this will create duplicate units and trigger late unit reports. If a student is requesting a transcript, we will ensure that all units are included prior to processing that request.