Department Information
Who heads your department?

CPE Supervisor 32.8%
BCC 19.3%
Both 23.5%
Neither 17.5%
No Responses 6.6%

Percentage of Centers in a Healthcare Setting (450 responses)

For those serving in healthcare settings, we gathered the following information:

If linked to Spiritual/Pastoral Care, are they under another department, such as Patient/Community Relations, Social Work, Nursing Services?

Independent 8.6%
Linked to Spiritual/Pastoral Care 77.5%
No Responses 13.7%

If linked to Spiritual/Pastoral Care, is the overall program under another area, such as Patient/Community Relations, Social Work, Nursing, etc.?

Patient/community relations 6.8%
Social Work <1%
Nursing Services 9.1%
Other 45.1%
No Responses 38.0%

Majority in Mission/Mission Integration or Patient Experience

Number of Chaplains Department

National average
Median 5.5 
Range 0-70 

Number of Salaried Residents in the Department per Year

National average 5.6 
Median 6
Mode 5

In addition to administrative and supervisory functions, how many liturgical services are you required to lead, on average, each month?

Once a month 25.1%
Once a week 6.4%
Several times a week 4.0%
Once a day <1%
Never 43.5%
No Responses 20.4%

Percentage of Departments with Admin Support

Yes  61.1% 
No 18.6% 
No response 20.2% 

Avg. Number of Hours per Week of Admin Support

National average 21.5 (usually shared by a department) 
Median 20 
Mode 40