Election Results: ACPE Adopts New Bylaws and
Governance Structure

By Carlos R. Bell, President | November 10, 2016


ACPE is Moving Together, Moving Ahead!

The ACPE polls closed last night at 11:59pm PST and the election results have now been verified by Miguel Santamaria, ACPE Secretary, and Ellen Swinford, Chair, Representation and Nominating Committee.

463 ACPE members voted out of 1565 eligible voters. That is a 29.6% participation rate which is well above the required 5% of eligible voters for quorum as described in Section 4.04 of the current bylaws. ACPE averages about 300 members at its annual member meeting. This online election allowed for even greater membership input.

Congratulations to our President-elect Amy Greene (2017), Secretary Miguel Santamaria (2017-2018) and Treasurer Linda Wilkerson (2017-2018). I look forward to working with each of them and I have faith that their capable leadership will continue to steer our association forward.

After many years of discussion and even more hours of work by numerous volunteers and staff, ACPE has adopted new bylaws and a reorganized governance structure.

ACPE members voted in favor of proposed bylaws and reorganized governance structure by 78.6%. To pass, it required 2/3 of voting members approval.
  • Yes: 352 - 78.6%
  • No: 96 - 21.4%
  • Abstained: 15
I want to thank the Organizational Design Work Group:  David Carl, Amanda Jones, Jap Keith, Barbara Bullock, Dick Haines, and Peter Yuichi Clark. The commitment, direction and endless energy they each brought to the process has allowed our community of members to move together through the intricate details and the most difficult questions. Thank you to Donna Dunn, Tecker International consultant, for her guidance and wisdom, reminding us to trust in the process over the past few years. I also want to extend a thank you to the ACPE Board of Representatives, whose dedication and leadership lead the ACPE to challenge ourselves to engage the task of moving ahead.

But mostly I want to thank the ACPE membership for providing so much thoughtful feedback. The breadth and depth of your comments demonstrates your love of and commitment to ACPE. You participated in this process with passion at regional and national meetings, online forums, and direct communication with work group and board leaders. This is your design and your association!

Obviously not everyone is in favor of the proposed changes and some have real concerns. Fortunately we will continue this work during the implementation process and going forward as we continuously strive to create a better community.

Your faith in ACPE and this process will allow us to tackle the next challenges and grasp future opportunities over the next 50 years as we continue Moving Together, Moving Ahead!

All the best,

Carlos R. Bell
ACPE President