Accreditation Updates
ACPE News  | December 2016

Following the Fall Meeting of the Accreditation Commission, there are some important updates for all accredited centers. If you have any questions about these items, please be in touch with Marc Medwed, Program Manager, in the national office.

The Commission has made some minor revisions to two appendices. The appendices are located in the resources section of the ACPExchange.

Appendix 7B Requirements for Student Records
Clarification of which documents need to be kept for 10 years and which documents must be kept indefinitely.

Appendix 7D-1 Supervisor’s Evaluation Cover Sheet
Based on feedback from supervisors, language was added in the top section to more clearly identify level/outcomes. Please remember that as of January 1, 2016, this coversheet was to be used on all final evaluations.

Change in Definition of Terms
The Commission has changed the following definition:

Preceptor(s)/Mentor(s) -- A contextually relevant professional(s) practicing in and recognized by the clinical placement site and the ACPE supervisor. The preceptor/mentor must review the ACPE preceptor orientation presentation prior to the start of a unit.

Responsibilities of the Preceptor/Mentor
  • Orient the student to your placement site and ensure that the student understands the context for this placement.
  • Address student’s questions and learning needs about the placement site.
  • Communicate with the ACPE Certified Supervisor on a regular basis about fulfillment of the student’s administrative obligations and the responsibilities outlined in the clinical site agreement. This includes the student’s clinical work, work habits and investment in the learning process at the placement site.
The ACPE Preceptor Orientation Presentation may be found on the Accreditation page of the ACPE website. This change will take effect as of January 1, 2017.

Letters of Good Financial Standing
As of January 1, 2017, in accordance with the consolidation of finances to the national office, centers needing verification of good financial standing will only need to request a single letter from Kimberly Yates in the national office. To request a letter of good financial standing for accreditation matters, please email

Submission of Annual Reports
Based on feedback from our supervisors, the Commission has decided that we will no longer use LiveText for the submission of Accreditation Documents. At its November meeting, the Commission piloted a new program and decided to move forward with it for the future submission and storage of documents. We are in the midst of discussions around implementation and hope to have details for everyone very soon.

Please note that the content of what is required for the Annual Report IS NOT changing; we are only changing the software for submission. The new system will be more user-friendly and easier to use and will offer us two wonderful features:
  1. Appendix 1 (The annual report form) will now be located within the program so there is no need to worry about working with the PDF form. You will simply fill in the information and click submit when you are done. There will be an additional step to upload supporting documentation, if needed.
  2. When fully implemented, the system will have what is known as a Single Sign On feature, which will eliminate the need to remember an additional log on name/password. Access will be granted by logging in to the ACPE website.
As with all technological innovations, the implementation doesn’t always go as fast as we would like. Based on conversations with the various technology support people, we should be ready for use no later than January 15. We hope that the system will be ready earlier. To ensure that everyone will have sufficient time to submit their annual report, the Commission has decided, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, to extend the due date for the Annual Report to January 31, 2017.

From user experience, the completion of the form will take approximately 20 minutes if you have all of the necessary information prepared. The uploading of any supporting documents will take approximately an additional 10 minutes. Detailed, step-by-step instructions with screenshots will be provided to all centers and online tutorial sessions will be scheduled beginning the week of January 16, 2017.

We will keep you up to date as to the progress of the implementation process. In the meantime, we suggest that you utilize the current Appendix 1 (found in the ACPExchange) to organize your responses and gather the necessary documents that will need to be uploaded. This way, when the system does go live, you will be ready to complete the form and upload.

All centers who have a 5-year review in 2017 will also be using the new system, so watch for more information in mid-January.