Moving Together, Moving Ahead

By Carlos R. Bell, President | August 2016


As the President of ACPE, I urge you to join me in participating in the 2016 Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign.

The ACPE Foundation has provided critical leadership to support ACPE through the Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign. In 2015, we saw a record number of donors contribute to the Annual Campaign. The ACPE Board of Representatives continued their amazing track record of 100% participation in giving. And, because of your gifts, ACPE is able to do that which we do best—provide transformative spiritual care education in order to meet the needs of those in life’s most vulnerable moments.

I was deeply touched by the support and financial investment at the 2016 Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign at the ACPE Annual Conference. We raised over $20,000 in gifts and pledges at the Foundation Donor Reception. The motivation by members and financial integrity of the Foundation was simply outstanding!

Because of your gifts, we are able to support innovative CPE projects throughout our nation and the globe. This year, ACPE programs throughout the country are able to expand CPE to urban, impoverished areas in Kansas City, offer spiritual care training for those that minister to incarcerated individuals, sex workers and those suffering from addiction; develop research best practices around outpatient CPE programs and identify teaching strategies for those that minister in end of life care. This is made possible through the generous gifts of ACPE members and friends.

When you give, larger funders are more willing to invest in us. In just the past six months, we have leveraged $158,000 to help outfit ACPE’s New Digital Classroom, Expand our Multi-faith Curriculum through our partnership with Interfaith Voices, and support CPE programs in Israel. We are grateful to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, F.I.S.H. Foundation, Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund and the Mary Allen Lindsay Branan Foundation (among others) in helping to make this possible! To learn more about these grant awards, visit the Foundation webpage.

Join me as we “Move Together, Move Ahead.” Give Today! If you would like more information on how to support ACPE, please contact Jasmine Okafor, ACPE Development Specialist at 678-636-6211 or