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ACPE thanks you for your interest in advertising with us. We are happy to offer you an opportunity to place an ad on our website.

The ACPE has over 2,500 members nationally and internationally. Our subscribers include:  persons interested in pastoral care, spiritual care, and assessment; pastoral counselors; chaplains; theological students seeking Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE); clergy seeking specialized skills through CPE; CPE supervisors; ACPE Members and Clinical Members; professors of pastoral care, counseling, pastoral theology, field education, psychology, and religion; and denomination and faith group representatives.

2017 Timetable
You may place an ad on our website for a 60-day run. Web ads are updated twice a month on the business day closest to the 1st and 15th of each month. Below is the schedule for ad updates and submittal deadlines.
Update Deadline Update Deadline Update Deadline
3-Jan 30-Dec 1-May 28-Apr 1-Sep 30-Aug
17-Jan 13-Jan 15-May 12-May 15-Sep 13-Sep
1-Feb 30-Jan 1-Jun 30-May 2-Oct 29-Sep
15-Feb 13-Feb 15-Jun 13-Jun 16-Oct 13-Oct
1-Mar 27-Feb 30-Jun 28-Jun 1-Nov 30-Oct
15-Mar 13-Mar 14-Jul 12-Jul 15-Nov 13-Nov
31-Mar 29-Mar 1-Aug 31-Jul 1-Dec 29-Nov
14-Apr 12-Apr 15-Aug 14-Aug 15-Dec 13-Dec


The ACPE offers two types of web postings – Standard Ads and Display Ads.

Standard Ads
* - Standard Ads consist of text only; no graphics.
* - The cost is $0.25 per character not counting spaces. You can find your character count by running a word count in Microsoft Word. 

Display Ads
* - Display Ads may contain graphics and color.
* - Display Ads must be submitted to size and file specifications.
* - Display Ads must be sized 900W x 500H pixels as a PDF or JPEG.
* - All Display Ads cost $300.00.

Ad Submission & Payment

Please submit your ad to Tiffany Kindred via email at All ads must be accompanied by a completed order form .

ACPE will provide you an invoice. A PO or IO number is appreciated. ACPE accepts checks or  MasterCard, Visa, American Express and DiscoverCard.

All ads are subject to the approval of ACPE. Advertisements for centers not accredited by the ACPE must indicate their affiliation or credentials. Only CPE recognized by the ACPE may advertise.

For more information, contact Tiffany Kindred at or (404) 320-1472 x6221. Click here to download this information and the order form.