North Central 2019 Communities of Practice Summit

North Central ACPE Communities of Practice Summit 

October 27, 2 PM –October 29, noon
Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin

“Moral Injury and Providing Effective Care”

Zachary Moon, Ph.D.
Chicago Theological Seminary

The psychological and theological work on moral injury has provided a useful lens in better understanding and engaging the moral dimensions of traumatic experiences. Moral injuries generate moral emotions – guilt, shame, disgust, or contempt – that overwhelm normal function and coping strategies. Moral injury often leads to social isolation and alienation, and may be expressed through self-harming, para-suicidal, and suicidal behaviors.

Effective response requires that care-providers understand the moral identities, or moral orienting systems, of care-seekers. Because chaplaincy work takes place in multi-cultural and pluralistic environments, chaplains must differentiate their own moral orienting system from the care seeker’s and recognize how convergences and divergences may create opportunities and barriers within the care encounter. While moral injuries may lead to any number of life-limiting behaviors, moral emotions are beacons of moral reparation and reconciliation, and engaging the pro-social and reparative functions of moral emotions is crucial to providing effective care.

In our two sessions with Professor Moon, we will learn about both moral injury and moral orienting systems and will be invited into conversation about how these concepts may have relevance for spiritual care education and in chaplaincy ministries.

Sunday 10/27    


Opening Session:  Prof. Zachary Moon, “Moral Injury and Providing Effective Care”

Buffet Dinner: Chula Vista

Free Time to Network, Socialize, Connect, Recharge


Monday 10/28

Buffet Breakfast: Chula Vista

Morning Session: Prof. Zachary Moon

Buffet Lunch: Chula Vista

Communities of Practice
Zachary Moon available
Peer Reviews as scheduled

Community Gathering and Sharing
Festive Buffet Dinner: Chula Vista


Tuesday 10/29

Buffet Breakfast: Chula Vista

Sharing of Communities of Practice learnings/actions taken with large group
Clarification, Dialogue and Response

Review time together and highlight upcoming events
Evaluation and input for Chula Vista Summit 2020
Closing Ritual/Sending Forth

Lunch on your own

Communities of Practice, Peer Reviews (note that conveners must request group space ahead of time)


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10/27/2019 12:00 PM - 10/29/2019 11:59 PM

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