Was Jesus a Virgin?(& Other Queered Theological Reflections)

Was Jesus a Virgin? (And Other Queered Theological Reflections), led by Daniel Stillwell, PhD, LMFT-S; and Sarah Causey, MA, LMFTA.

The topics of gender and sexuality are increasingly raised within clinical settings. The purpose of this workshop/presentation is to create a space where God can queer us. Queering is a verb in which the socially constructed norms around sexuality and gender are unmasked. An expansive view of God embraces this unmasking, opening up our hearts, minds, and relationships to questions we never

thought possible. God does this with love, with openness, and with hope. How we respond to these moments reveal the limitations and strengths of our own theological reflections. After going through two theological reflection models, this workshop will engage a variety of questions on sexuality and gender that affect how professionals approach this concept in the work of clinical care (i.e., Is God Polyamorous? Was Jesus a virgin? Does God have a gender? What does sexual violence do to sacredness? Where are the LGBTQ people in sacred texts?). Not only will this process reveal our own embedded theology, but it will empower the participants to be more compassionate and non-judgmental with their clients. Lastly, the participants will have an opportunity to pose their own questions to queer theologically.

After this presentation, the participants will be able to:

· Apply strategies for engaging clients about the intersection of faith and sexuality.

· Describe queer theology and explain how it might affect the care with clients.

· Identify ways to support clients in developing their own narrative within a non-judgmental context.

· Analyze personally embedded beliefs that might impact one’s interactions with clients identifying as LGBTQ.

12/6/2019 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
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