2019 ACPE  Symposium on Supervision

Hosted by the Pacific Community of Practice

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The Pacific Community of Practice is excited to invite all Certified Educator Candidates, those both in the “old” and “new” process, to participate in a unique educational opportunity. The Symposium model of education is one we have adopted and practiced for five years with great success. Many Educators and Candidates have collaborated to develop the Symposium, which we have built around the identified needs and interests of the participants. The Symposium will include:
  • Opportunities for consultation with Certified Educators and Certified Educator Candidates from throughout ACPE
  • Consultation on your particular learning needs
  • Assistance with theory paper composition and revision
  • Large group gatherings on topics chosen based on a pre-Symposium survey
  • Small group consultations formed by participants who share a common interest
To ascertain topics, areas of study and opportunities for collaboration, we include a survey linked to your registration for this three-day event. The survey utilizes the Curriculum Resource to identify areas of most interest to the CEC Participants. The survey also asks for special topics, areas of inquiry and consultation that are of interest individually and collectively. Because we use the results from your surveys to form our resource team members, it is important that you complete the survey when you register.

Resource Team

The Resource Team includes ACPE Certified Educators and Associate Educators who are familiar with the Symposium model to help guide the process, Educators with particular expertise that meets the expressed needs of the CEC participants, and one or more newly certified Educators who share their experience of the certification process.

Kraig Beardemphl

  • Process Theology
  • Simulation/Role-Play
  • Transformational Learning Theory

Birte Beuck

  • Conflict Mediation
  • Family Systems
  • Supervising LGBTQ Students/Identifying as an GLBTQ Supervisor

Ki Do Ahn

  • Asian concept of self in CPE supervision
  • The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Relational Cultural Theory

Kent Schaufelberger

  • Attachment Theory
  • Use of Self
  • Theory Paper Editing

LaVera Crawley

  • VISIONS Model of Multiculturalism
  • Research Competency
  • Ethics

Co-Creative Curriculum development on Site

At the Symposium, there is an ongoing process of inquiring about learning needs, interests, new awareness and emerging questions. The Resource Team modifies the schedule daily to accommodate as many of the ideas and interests as possible. Plenty of space is intentionally set aside in the schedule for consultation to take place. We hope you will join us for this transformative learning experience!  

Testimonials from Former Participants

  • "This is a model for good education, listening to the strengths and needs of learners and co-creating a learning environment."
  • "A wonderful opportunity to learn, integrate and strengthen collegial relationships."
  • "Best educational experience in my CEC journey, a wonderful bonding experience between peers and among CEC with educators."
  • "Symposium was challenging, transformative and very informative."
  • "Gave me many ideas for curriculum and connected me to others in the process. Tested me but also ignited more excitement about becoming a certified educator."
  • "Faculty was great! Excellent learning opportunity. You get what you put in."

Symposium Featured Presenters

Topic: Tips for Preparing Your Theory Papers or Theory Presentations

Presenter:  Rev. Jurgen Schwing, MDiv, ACPE Certified Educator

Presentation Description:
Symposium attendees will learn how to attend equally to three important aspects of theory writing: 1) development of conceptual clarity, 2) dealing with personal dynamics (procrastination, fear of judgment, over-our under-personalizing your theory, always-more-to read?), and 3) improving one’s theory by focusing on its relevance to supervisory practice (how does my theory help me to assess and intervene?). We explore ten strategies for theory development. Special attention will be paid to how theory development is evolving in the redesign of supervisory education and the options it offers: Three 5-page papers, one 20-page paper, or a PowerPoint presentation.

Brief Bio:
Jurgen Schwing is Director of Spiritual Care and ACPE Certified Educator at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, CA. He is an experienced Symposium Presenter and has offered his Tips on Preparing Theory Papers at several previous symposia. He is currently completing theory mentor training for the new process and will provide updated information. Jurgen received the 2013 Cedarleaf Award for best theology paper.

Topic: Life After CEC Training: Trends and Observations to Think About in Preparation for a Career as an ACPE Certified Educator

Presenter: Wayne Menking, STD, MDiv, ACPE Certified Educator, and ACPE Director for Community Practice and Member Development (DCPM)

Brief description:
This presentation will offer a DCPM's perspective on trends and developments in ACPE that prospective certified educators may want to consider as they think about their career and professional development:  Where are the job opportunities? How do I look for a position? What is the future of spiritual care education? What is the future of ACPE? How do I find a Community of Practice? How do I get involved in ACPE leadership? In what other contexts is CPE taking place, and what if I want to start a CPE program beyond a traditional setting? These and other questions participants may have about their future as Certified Educators in ACPE will form the focus of this conversation.

Brief bio:
Wayne Menking is presently one of three Directors for Community, Practice and Member Development in ACPE. His area of responsibility includes all ACPE accredited centers and certified educators west of the Mississippi river (excluding the Dakotas and Minnesota). He was certified as an educator in 1990, and since then has served in a variety of contexts including Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX; The Ministry Development Center in Arlington, TX; the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest in Austin, TX; and Texas Health Resources in Fort Worth-Dallas, TX. He also served as a Regional Director of the former Southwest and South Central Regions. Wayne has served on the ACPE Accreditation Commission, the ACPE Board of Directors, and most recently as a member of the Accreditation Work Group that designed the new accreditation process.

Space is limited to 40 CEC’s, so please register early!  

Dates: Noon, May 6 through Noon, May 8

Location: Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ (just 2 miles from the Scottsdale Plaza Resort where the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference will be held from May 8-10)  

Registration Fee: $150 (Includes all Symposium activities, lodging, all meals, and discounted registration for the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference)

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