Communities of Practice

Community of Practice Gatherings, Wednesday, May 8,  9:00am - 12:30pm 

9:00am – 1:00pm
Latin@ CoP Annual Meeting and Luncheon, Dr. Miguel de la Torre speaking
We invite all the members of the Latin@ CoP and ACPE members interested in Latin@ issues to dialogue with Dr. Miguel de la Torre during this Luncheon.  We want to honor our past by recognizing ACPE members who have been advocates for the Latino Community in ACPE, reflect on our present challenges with our guest speaker, and envision our future as we grow and develop as a CoP.  All are welcome.  $20 per person.

Veterans Affairs CoP Annual Meeting


Community of Practice Gatherings, Thursday, May 10, session times may vary


CoP 2. Consortium for Supervisory CPE in the Midwest
This “Community of Practice”, known as the Consortium for Supervisory CPE in the Midwest Is composed of ACPE Centers accredited for Supervisory Education who collaborate to provide their individual supervisory education students a context for peer group (Standard 308.9.2) and a resource for consultation (Standard 308.9.3).

CoP 3. Community Based CPE
For members whom are either doing community-based CPE or have an interest in doing community-based CPE.

CoP 4. Behavioral Healthcare
Connect with other ACPE certified educators who supervise in similar settings that care for people suffering from mental illnesses and/or drug and alcohol histories. How can we make our innovative CPE programs more effective.

CoP 5. REM Community
To support and advocate for underrepresented students in ACPE who are discerning vocational options in Clinical Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy.


CoP 6. The Arts in Spiritual Care and CPE
The Arts in Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education will explore opportunities for using the creative arts (painting, drawing, drama, fiber arts, crafts, poetry, dance, music, etc.) in the practice of Spiritual Care and in the education of CPE students.

CoP 7. LGBTQi Peer Support
The LGBTQI Community of Practice provides a gathering of LGBTQI Educators and Certified Educational Students and supporters within the ACPE.


CoP 8. Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing is an approach to trauma that is rooted in knowledge of the autonomic nervous system responses to threat.

CoP 9. Mid-Atlantic Seminar on CPE Supervision
To provide ACPE CPE supervisory education students time to present material including drafts of theory papers, video of supervision for consultation and materials for future certification meetings to a broad group of peers and CPE educators.

CoP 10.Theological Reflection
Description TBD

CoP 11. Latino Community
Fosters awareness and collaboration that is specific and intentional, meeting the needs of the Latino community