Dear Colleagues,

As president of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the ACPE Annual Conference that will take place in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year’s theme, What We Need is Here is something that we experience as spiritual educators and spiritual care providers blending art, science, and technology with transformation and compassion.

2017 is ACPE’s 50th Anniversary! In his book entitled, Head And Heart, Chuck Hall, ACPE’s First Executive Director, wrote, “Twenty-three years after the first national gathering in 1944, the four clinical pastoral education organizations were unified by the creation of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. By 1967, everyone accepted various themes and methods, which included applying theology in pastoral care, developing pastoral care skills, learning theology from living human documents, understanding the emotional life of pastor and parishioner, and ministering from and to the head and the heart.” The aim was to create an association and movement to improve the Quality of Care by integrating the “head and heart,” and theory and practice. 

It is the experience and creativity that each of us brings to the organization that enrich our knowledge and ignite innovative thinking as we celebrate ACPE’s 50th Anniversary. Whether you are a longtime member, or this is your first time attending the meeting, we welcome you to share in the dialog and enjoy time with your fellow colleagues. I welcome you to help ACPE in celebrating 50 years. I hope you are making plans to join us May 3-6 at Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as President of the ACPE this year.


Chaplain Carlos R. Bell, ACPE Supervisor
President, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education