Spring Leadership Meetings
The Spring Leadership Meetings will begin Saturday, April 29th. They will conclude late on Wednesday, May 3rd. In-service will be held Wednesday, May 3rd from 8:30a-3:30p. Those serving on national boards, commissions, and committees should check with their respective chairs for exact agendas.

Pre-Conference Events, Tuesday, May 2nd

 P1:  Doing Ethics Accountability on the PEC (workshop descriptions)

Pre-Conference Events, Wednesday, May 3rd

8:30a-3:30p     National Leadership In-Service (includes P3, P4 & Sessions 1, 2 & 3 below, lunch will be provided)

8:30a-9:45p P3:  Communities of Practice  (workshop descriptions)
10:00a-11:30a P4:  A New Frontier: Introduction to the Certification Process (workshop descriptions)
11:30a-12:30p Boxed Lunches (ticket purchase required, see a la carte tickets on your registration form; complimentary for all elected national leadership)
12:00p-2:00p P2:  Money & Spirit: A Values-Based Approach to Planning Your Retirement & Your Legacy (workshop descriptions)
12:30p-1:30p Session 1: Choose one.  (workshop descriptions)
      P5:  A New Frontier: Introduction to the Certification Process (reprise)
      P6:  A New Direction: Competency Based Approach to Learning and Evaluation
      P7:  Accreditation Workshop: Preparing for your 10 Year Review
VA Military Chaplains Meeting
1:30p-2:30p Session 2: Choose one.  (workshop descriptions)
      P8:  A New Direction: Competency Based Approach to Learning and Evaluation
      P9:  A New Peer Review Process: Moving from Competence to Excellence
      P10:  Theory Integration Presentation formerly known as Theory Papers
2:30p-3:30p Session 3: Choose one.  (workshop descriptions)
      P11:  Theory Integration Presentation formerly known as Theory Papers
      P12:  A New Peer Review Process: Moving from Competence to Excellence

Annual Conference Events, Wednesday, May 3rd

Commencement featuring Ms. Carrie Newcomer with pianist Gary Walters and Dr. Parker J. Palmer
Welcome and Celebration Reception
Foundation Donor Reception (by invitation), Peace Walk and other small group events

Annual Conference Events, Thursday, May 4th

Faith Group Breakfasts (sponsored by the individual faith groups)
    FG1.       Alliance of Baptist
    FG2.       American Baptist Churches USA
    FG3.       Baptist General Convention of Texas
    FG4.       Catholic, Roman Catholic
    FG5.       Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    FG6.       Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
    FG7.       Episcopal Church
    FG8.       Federation of Christian Ministries
    FG9.       Jewish
    FG10.     Lutheran (LCMS/ELCA) Church
    FG11      Pentacostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God
    FG12.     Presbyterian USA
    FG13.     Reformed Church in America/Christian Reformed Church
    FG14.     Seventh Day Adventist
    FG15.     Southern Baptist
    FG16.     Unitarian Universalist
    FG17.     United Church of Christ
    FG18.     United Methodist, All Methodist traditions welcome
Keynote #2: Rev. Dr. Greg Ellison
Break: Don’t forget to explore the anniversary exhibits and silent auction items.
A Panel Discussion: Ms. Carrie Newcomer, Dr. Parker J. Palmer, and Dr. Greg Ellison
11:30a-1:00p Past Presidents and Regional Directors Lunch Gathering (by invitation)
Lunch on your own
Don’t forget to explore the anniversary exhibits and silent auction items.
Conference Workshops: Choose one. (workshop descriptions)
    T1           Fearless Dialogues
    T2           “Start Close In”
    T3           Teaching Research Literacy in CPE
    T4           Rediscovering Meaning from Trauma: An Evidence-Based Perspective
    T5           Recruiting and Supervising African CPE Students
    T6           What We Need is Here:  Learning in the Here and Now
    T7           Gamification and CPE
    T8           Transformational Pedagogy: Enhancing Learner Agency
    T9           Truth and Lovingkindness
Annual Member Meeting
Cash Bar Reception (Private Receptions as Requested for Honorees)
ACPE’s Presidential Dinner -and- 50th Celebration
  Please plan to wear business casual to semi-formal attire for this grand event.
Dance Party and Dessert Reception

Annual Conference Events, Friday, May 5th

Breakfasts: Advisory Councils and Special Interest Groups (including previous Networks)
Last chance to explore the anniversary exhibits and silent auction items.
Keynote #3:  Matthew Sanford
Memorial Service
Closing Words

Extended Conference Workshops and Special Opportunities, Friday, May 5th

REM Network Business Session
  (Optional Lunch Purchase Available)
Workshops (Click here for more detailed descriptions)
    F1           Integrating CPE into a Master of Science Degree Program at a Major Research University (1:00p-2:30p)
    F2           Research in CPE: Past, Present and Future (1:00p-5:00p)
    F3           Lessons from the Field: Reflections on Past Innovative CPE Projects (1:00p-3:00p)
    F4           Job Search Success: Tools and Strategies For Job Search Success (1:00p-5:00p)
    F5           Asian Concept of Self and Supervision (1:00p-2:30p)
    F6           American Red Cross Spiritual Care Orientation (1:00p-6:00p)
    F7           REM Support in CPE through Level I & II (2:00p-3:00p)
    F8           REM Support through the SES Process (3:00p-4:00p)
REM Individual Consultations for Students  (Advanced sign-up required)
5:00p (RT shuttles)
Dinner on your own
A Night at the Guthrie:  The Bluest Eye  (Separate ticket purchase required)