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Center: 2nd Friday Supervisory Education Community Of Practice (162717)
Coordinator: Janet E. MacLean
Phone: (630) 929-6101
Center: Advent Health ACPE Educators Collaborative (164625)
Coordinator: Ramona Reynolds
Center: African Educators and Chaplains (164477)
Coordinator: David Hormenoo
Phone: (919) 271-7436
Center: Alliance of Baptists (162491)
Coordinator: Daniel B. Miles
Phone: (704) 863-6589
To provide ACPE members who are endorsed by and/or affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists an opportunity to connect, share best practices, network, and offer theological resources for education.
Center: Appalachian Community of Practice (162492)
Coordinator: Nancy K. Anderson
Phone: (864) 560-6157
Our purpose is to support Professional Education as it relates to chaplaincy, supervisory education and administrative and management functions.
Center: Arcadia Community of Practice (162493)
Coordinator: Glory Neail Bautista
Phone: (626) 898-8815
The membership of the Arcadia CoP consists of ACPE Certified Educators doing or interested in providing Supervisory Education and Students in Supervisory Education.
Center: Arts in Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education (162494)
Coordinator: Mary Ann Brody
Phone: (716) 862-1907
The Arts in Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education will explore opportunities for using the creative arts (painting, drawing, drama, fiber arts, crafts, poetry, dance, music, etc.) in the practice of Spiritual Care and in the education of CPE students.
Center: Atlanta Consortium (164482)
Coordinator: Martha Wright
Phone: (404) 784-0352
Center: Atlanta Interstate Community of Practice (162495)
Coordinator: Jonathan William Ball
Phone: (404) 851-8752
The Atlanta Interstate Community of Practice is a geographic group whose mission is to nurture, support, and sustain certified ACPE educators, students enrolled in ACPE education, and students seeking certification as ACPE educators.
Center: Bay Area Community of Practice (162864)
Coordinator: Patricia Anne Roberts
Phone: 813-972-2000 Ex 5028
Center: Behavioral Health Settings (162499)
Coordinator: Carl R. Yusavitz
Phone: (215) 453-5170
Connect with other ACPE certified educators who supervise in similar settings that care for people suffering from mental illnesses and/or drug and alcohol histories. How can we make our innovative CPE programs more effective.
Center: Cascadia (165899)
Coordinator: Timothy Shipe
Phone: (253) 291-5424
Center: Catholic CPE Educators (168841)
Coordinator: John Crabb
Phone: (802) 847-5026
Overview of the Catholic COP is as follows: To offer a structured format for collegial support and consultation among the Catholic CPE Educators regarding current issues and challenges. To improve skills and knowledge regarding best practices of CPE Educators.
Center: Central States Consortia (164476)
Coordinator: Sally Schwab
Phone: (816) 271-7436
The Central States Community of Practice aims to: • Support and expand the professional development of its ACPE Certified Educators and members. • Create opportunities for events and members’ interaction that foster collegial nurture, support, and self-care practices as well as trusting relationships that generate curiosity, creativity, and innovation. • Foster process learning through action, reflection, listening and experiential methodology The primary activities of our CoP include: • Educational events that foster leadership development and self-care • Learning through modeling and relationship by engaging otherness/diversity in the community • Support educators in all stages of professional development (learners in the process, newly certified, experienced and retired educators)
Center: Charlotte Area (162505)
Coordinator: Angela Janssen Keenan
Phone: (704) 355-3365
For several years, ACPE educators from the Charlotte area have increasingly found it difficult to bring students to the North Carolina/West Virginia CPE Day because of the time it takes to travel to Cary, NC, where it is held.
Center: Chesapeake & Potomac CPE (162506)
Coordinator: Ellen M. Swinford
Phone: (301) 443-4211
The Chesapeake & Potomac CPE Community of Practice is organized to support collaborative educational CPE programming of the ACPE Centers in the vicinity of the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River.
Center: Church of the Nazarene (164481)
Coordinator: Matthew Johnson
Phone: (864) 554-8721
Center: Circle of Experiential Learning (162718)
Coordinator: James M. Harper
Phone: (816) 276-4120
Center: Community-Based CPE (162507)
Coordinator: James H. Wright
This Community of Practice is "Community-Based CPE." Members are either doing community-based CPE or have an interest in doing community-based CPE.
Center: Consortium for Supervisory CPE (162508)
Coordinator: Mariclea Chollet
Phone: (314) 205-6425
This “Community of Practice”, known as the Consortium for Supervisory CPE in the Midwest Is composed of ACPE Centers accredited for Supervisory Education who collaborate to provide their individual supervisory education students a context for peer group (Standard 308.9.2) and a resource for consultation (Standard 308.9.3).