New Certification Process
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the application process and what is the relationship between the center admissions interview and the ACPE interview?
The admission process to an ACPE Certified Educator Program is multi-faceted.  To apply, an applicant will complete the application form that will be posted on the ACPE website on November 15, 2017, and submit it to the accredited center to which they are applying, with a copy to the ACPE National Office.  

The applicant will then receive instructions on how to set up the portfolio, to which the papers and videos required in the application process, will be uploaded for review by the accredited center. The center will assess the applicant’s readiness for entry into their program by using the ACPE Certified Educator Competencies, which are published on the ACPE website.  The Competencies are designed to bring clarity and objectivity to the admission process.

In addition, a reviewer appointed by the Chair of the Certification Commission will assess the applicant’s materials using the ACPE Certified Educator Competencies, providing an independent, objective perspective.  

Following the paper review, the interview(s) is scheduled.  The ACPE Certified Educator will determine if they wish to set up two interviews, one at the local center, and then one with the Certification Commission Reviewer OR if they wish to have the Certification Commission Reviewer join the local center interview, either in person or via video conference, thereby eliminating the need for two interviews.

A center can choose to employ an applicant on its own and any arrangements are the responsibility of the center; the center may wish to make employment conditional on formal acceptance into the ACPE Certification Process.  If the ACPE Certified Educator opts for the joint interview, then a decision about admission can be made prior to offering employment. 
When will the National Faculty process be instituted? 
The National Faculty process will be rolled out over the course of the next year.  Those who have supervised an SES within the past 3 years are automatically eligible to be National Faculty and continue to work with Educator Candidates (ECs).  As will be required of all ACPE Certified Educators, National Faculty will have specific Professional Development/Continuing Education requirements to maintain their status.

If I am a new educator, what can I do now to begin preparing for that process? 
If you are a recent ACPE Certified Educator and have not been involved in supervising an SES, but plan to do so, please stay tuned. The implementation group is working to develop a process that will include Professional Development Webinars and mentoring with a National Faculty member.

Is this another certification step?
No, this is not another certification step.  All ACPE Certified Educators are obligated to 50 hours per year of Professional Development/Continuing Education.  For those who aspire to become National Faculty, these hours will be focused on educating future educators as well as receiving mentoring.

I have heard that being a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) is going to replace a part of our certification process.  Is there any connection?
No, there is no connection.  While we appreciate the process one must undertake to become a BCC, the requirements are not necessarily consistent with the requirements for entry into the ACPE Certified Educator Program. A BCC designation demonstrates achievement of the competencies, which are required by those certifying bodies, some of which will overlap with the required competencies for ACPE, but not all, so an applicant who is a BCC must still demonstrate meeting the required competencies for admission for ACPE.

My Educator Candidate would like to begin working on the new theory presentation.  I need more details about this – how do they get a mentor?  Where can I find guidelines for how these will be evaluated?
The basic rubric for the theory integration presentation can be found on the ACPE website.  The implementation group is in the process of identifying and training mentors. ECs usually begin working on their theory integration presentations when they have completed the National Core Curriculum Modules (which will be available on the website in mid to late December). Details about the process will be forthcoming.

My EC just started this month and is in the new process.  When will the details about the required written materials for the admissions interview be published?
The new application for ACPE Certified Educator Programs will be on the website by November 15, 2017.  The application includes essays and videos that are required as part of the application process.  The implementation group is finalizing the logistics for the interview process.

Peer Review 
There will not be any change to the Peer review schedule for 2018. Stay tuned for more information about report forms and further implementation.

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