New Certification Process

In May 2014, the Board of Directors appointed the Certification Reform Task Force and the Professional Development Task Force. After a several intense years of work and research, the two task forces proposed a new model to certify ACPE Certified Educators. In May 2016, after affirming the full proposal, the Board of Directors appointed a Certification Implementation Team.

Certification Implementation Team
Mary Stewart Hall, Chair, Dallas, Texas
Robin Booth, Vice Chair, Dallas, Texas
Tahara Akmal, West Reading, Pennsylvania
Chris Brown, Baltimore, Maryland 
Adriana Cavina, Phoenix, Arizona
Marcos Collado, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Kitty Garlid, Brunswick, Maine 
Amy Greene, Cleveland, Ohio
Anastasia Holman, Camel, Indiana
Gary Sartain
, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Marc Medwed, ACPE Director of Programs
Sheilah Hawk, ACPE Certification Coordinator

The team made the following presentations on the progress of their work at the 2017 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. 
  Introduction to the Certification Process
  Competency Based Education
  Peer Review
  Theory Integration Presentation