New Peer Review Implementation Process for 2018

(Effective 6/1/2018)
We are pleased to share the New Peer Review Process.  If you are required to participate in a peer review this year, please continue reading this document, and note the information below.  If you have already completed your peer review for this year or are not due for one this year, you may skip this page.  If you are due for a peer review in 2018, please note the following:

1. Over the past few months, the ACPE office has collected peer review schedules from the old regions.  Once the information is collated and organized, the ACPE office will contact those persons who are due for a peer review in 2018 via email.  This notification should happen by July 1, 2018.  However, if you do not hear from the office or know that are due for a peer review and you are ready to initiate your process, please email with your full name, where you currently serve, and the names of other persons whom you would like to participate in your peer review if you have them.  Please refer to the guidelines below for the requirements for each participant.

2. After receiving your email, one of the Directors of Community, Practice, and Member Development (DCPM), Katherine Higgins, Steve Ivy, or Wayne Menking, will be in touch with you to begin the process by confirming the peer review team, establishing a projected date/time for your review (peer review via video conferencing is a possibility), and reviewing the requirements of the peer review.

3. After the initial conversation, the DCPM will monitor the process through to its completion.

4. Please note that ACPE is in the process of designing a SharePoint solution for portfolios.  Until that is established, Certified Educators are responsible for storing all of their materials and for ensuring that the peer review team members are able to review them.  There are several options that a Certified Educator can utilize to share their materials with their peer review team.  Some platforms may not be accessible for some due to firewall restrictions, so please coordinate your choice with your team members (all of these options are free for basic accounts):

a. Dropbox
b. Google Drive (may require a free Google Account)
c. Old Fashioned Paper/Binder
d. OneDrive
e. Amazon Drive (has free options for Amazon customers)
f. Box

Important Documents

Peer Review Process Packet [Word Doc] [PDF]